Reasons To Invest In Kenya

There are a number of reasons that have made Kenya an investment destination. Kenya in the last decade has attracted both domestic and foreign investment. The increased level of investment has increased the country’s GDP, increased levels of employed and improved people’s living standards. 

The Kenyan government has come up with measures to encourage public private partnerships to encourage investment. I will provide you with reasons why Kenya is an investment destination of choice.
The most important factor is Kenya’s rich endowment with natural resources. Kenya is richly endowed with resources such as minerals, favorable climate, wildlife and other tourist attractions, fertile soils for agriculture and adequate sources of energy.  The numerous resources available in Kenya offer investors an opportunity to invest.
The presence of a large labor force makes Kenya an important investment destination. Kenya prides itself with having highly skilled, semi skilled and unskilled labor. The education system in Kenya is largely diverse and has taken care of all sectors in the country. Investors are, therefore, assured of enjoying adequate and well trained labor.
Kenya also enjoys a liberal market. There are no price controls and exchange controls within the Kenyan market. This means that the prices of goods are determined by the forces of demand and supply. However, the government has developed measures to facilitate free trade. Investors can also borrow capital both domestically and internally to finance their projects.
Ample infrastructure is the other reason you should invest in Kenya. The country enjoys adequate transport infrastructure, ample supply of power, reliable water and sewer services, reliable communication infrastructure and sufficient support amenities.  Investors are also assured of availability of financial institutions, banks, hospitals, bonds and securities market, insurance companies, recreation facilities and education centers.
The proximity of Kenya to various African states is also an important factor. This proximity has networked Kenya to other economic hubs in the continent and across the world. The economy of Kenya is growing at a steady rate and investors must take advantage of this opportunity.

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