Salon Businesses In Kenya

The salon business is the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry. A good hairdo accentuates a woman’s beauty and women love to look good. Regardless of the social status all women enquire the services of a salon.

To be a successful salon you need to undergo training. This training will help you learn everything about the salon business. This training takes a couple of months. Some people learn the salon business through watching others do it. 
As a salon operator you must be able to do the basic services such as plaiting, braiding, fixing weaves and wigs, fixing dreadlocks, relaxing, treatment, doing haircuts and blow dry.
You will require a business premise to set up your salon. This requires some capital to hire the room. You will also be required register your business with the authorities. In case you do to have the capital to set up a salon, you can operate a mobile salon. 
Here, you will have to offer your services from your home or your client’s homes. You can save some money from your mobile salon to set up an actual salon.
The salon business is very dynamic. You will be required keep abreast with the new trends in all parts of the world. You can find resourceful information on this from the internet.
 Foreign celebrities largely influence hairdo trend in Kenya. You need to be aware of these trends to learn how to do them.
Nurture an effective customer relation by providing your clients with high quality services. It is paramount that you satisfy your client’s needs so that they will seek your services over and over. The perception people have of your business will directly affect your income.
You can sell cosmetics to earn some extra cash. You can also gradually grow your business to offer services such as manicure, pedicure, facials and massages.

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