Use of Technology by Kenyan Businesses

Kenyan businesses can employ technology in various departments. Whether a business is small or large, it uses technology in one way or the other. To enhance competitiveness, many businesses have adopted the use of technology in the execution of operations. I will highlight a few fundamental roles played by technology in business.
1.         Efficiency
Technology enhances the efficiency of operations by saving on time spent to complete tasks. Information systems are used to process data with ease and with more accuracy. Businesses can also save on space used to store files and save on cost of processing reports. Human resources can realize their full potential though the use of technology in tasks execution.
2.         Improve communication
Communication is an important tool in the organization. Technology has developed improved communication devices such as cell phones and the internet. Technology has made it easier for employees to pass messages which ensure that organizational goals are met. Technology has made communication easier by introducing communication channels that allow for seamless communication.
3.         Enhanced research capacity
Businesses use technology to research for existing opportunities. Business growth lies upon the exploration of new opportunities. The internet is an avenue through which businesses identify new market by seeking the opinion of clients.
4.         Security
Businesses across the world use technology to secure their data and classified information. This ensures that your business information is not disclosed to your competitors. Businesses use passwords and firewall to secure data saved on their computers.
5.         Increases productivity
Using technology to serve customers ensures that you spend a shorter period to serve clients hence you end up serving more clients. You also use fewer resources to serve clients hence a higher productivity and profitability. Technology also ensures that the quality of products and services you offer customers are high.

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