Airtel Money

Airtel Money is a mobile money transfer service offered by one of the leading mobile network providers Airtel. The customer base of Airtel is steadily growing owing to the innovative products the company offers.

Airtel has developed numerous products that are aimed at satisfying the needs of customers. Airtel has put in place strategies to bridge the existing market gaps by catering for all customer needs.
One of the reasons why Airtel Money is growing is the fact that its transaction charges are low. As opposed to the exorbitant charges other mobile transfer services offer Airtel has affordable rates. Transferring money from Airtel to Airtel users is free, while charges to other networks are relatively low.
Airtel’s charges have attracted more subscribers to the networks. To make Airtel money more efficient the company has set up more agencies across the country. This has made it possible for more people to access Airtel’s services.
Airtel Money has partnered with financial institutions to facilitate mobile money transfer by linking client’s bank accounts with Airtel Money. Airtel Money is working together with Faulu Bank to advance soft loans to clients.
The loans are low interest and therefore more people can afford them. Equity bank Clients can access banking services via mobile phone. The partnership with financial institutions has made it easy and convenient for clients to access services.
The pay bill service is another important service offered by Airtel Money. The option has made it stress free to pay bill and pay for goods such as gas. The company has introduced a service where clients can enquire for business numbers so that they can pay bill.
The need to offer this service was prompted by the fact that, many Airtel money users do not know the pay bill numbers to pay bills to.

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