Many university students complain that their allowances cannot sufficiently cater for their needs. Quit complaining and do something to change your state of affairs. Here are a few ideas that you could use.

1.      Blogging and Freelance writing

Creativity is one of the best selling skills in the world today. Blogging and freelance writing are lucrative ventures. These ventures are highly competitive with clients demanding quality content. To succeed in this business, it is essential to specialize on areas you are good at. Elance, freelancer, Odesk and Uvocorp are a few of the best freelance sites.

2.  Offer cleaning services

Many students will be quick to brush off this idea, but it’s worth considering. Cleaning services have a high demand especially for people with busy schedules. You can offer services such as cleaning houses and doing laundry. The working class should be your primary target, but you can also offer your services to your fellow students.

3.  Tutoring

Many students and pupils experience difficulties in grasping ideas when they are taught in class. You can sacrifice your time and tutor these students during your spare time. It is important to tutor those subjects you have a good mastery of. If your services are good, you will automatically gain customers. You can also offer tutorials online.

4.  Selling snack

Student love snack especially during their breaks. If you are good at baking, you can sell what you bake. Supply snacks to your institutions depending on the preferences of the students. Let your friends know about your snack selling business and they will in turn let other people know and this way your business will grow. Offer high quality healthy snacks.

 5. Get a job

There are many jobs that you can comfortably manage such as, working at a café or being a salesperson for a company.

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