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OLX makes money through Google Adsense pay per click network. Olx has good traffic (the number of people visiting the website) and it is through the huge traffic that the company is able to make money from Google. I have been asked this question countless times and I thought it could be better if I provide that answer here on our website. is the leading free classifieds website in Kenya and most guys don't know how this company makes money online because they post ads for free and make deals for free on the website that spends millions to advertise on TV.

Previously, I have explained on scam free ways to make money online in Kenya, and because my article seems not to tackle everything about the procedures, this one on OLX would be of great help in understanding the online world. For anyone interested in making money online just like the OLX team, this is your perfect chance to learn everything on monetization. make money through Google AdSense where advertisers place their ads through Google Adwords. Google Adsense is a the leading platform where publishers monetize their web content such as blogging content and classifieds content as is the case for OLX. Every new blogger dreams of getting approve to the pay per click program and smile all the way to the bank. However, it is important to note that dollars from Google Adsense do not come on a sliver platter. Publishers must word extra hard to deliver meaningful content to their target audience and maintain a consistence traffic to their websites or blogs. 

If an advertiser/promoter/marketer want to target people post free ads on OLX, they place their ads TARGETING OLX from Google Adwords. Those ads are shown only on OLX and not the entire Google AdSense network. It is a lucrative way of showing Google Ads on your website for the case of publishers. You need to encourage advertisers to place ads directly to your website or implement the Google double click.

From instance, am running Google AdSense on this website, and the most ads you see, are also found on other websites such as Nation,Standard,Kenya-Post, or simply 90% of Kenyan websites and around the globe. The difference is that not all ads you see on OLX will be found on other websites because there was a direct placement of the ad for the particular website.

Here is the difference, if an advertiser targets your website directly, the cost per click is higher than when they run their ads on the entire network from Google Adwords. Advertisers must bid higher than any other advertiser on the network for direct placement. Next time your friends ask how does OLX make money, refer them to this article and share to your network. 

Can I make a website and fetch good money like OLX? Yes you can
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