Internet Should Be Free

The Internet can be utilized to enable nation undergo numerous transformations. The internet ensures the spread of information across the globe. Nations can utilize the internet to achieve the development. 
Nevertheless, the use of the internet should be governed to ensure posting of up to date information. Business people can utilize the internet to enhance their businesses which in turn results to the economic development of a country
Supplies can post a wide range of products and services that they offer. Customers can then look out for these products and services in the internet thus enhancing business. The internet should be a nationalized duty paid for by taxation.
Economic Growth
The internet plays an important role in economic development of a country. Many business people have taken to the internet to advertise and promote goods and services they provide. They have created their own websites where they can post information on the wide variety of goods and services they offer. Consumers from all over the world can log into companies websites and see the goods and services being provided. These customers can go a step further and order these goods and services from the comfort of their homes.  Upon receiving the order, suppliers deliver the goods to the customers. Payment is also done online. Trade through the internet helps develop the economy. This will also promote growth economically as this will get rid of hackers.
Full Access
When the internet becomes nationalized, many people will always want to have access. This ensures that many people will keep a track of the day to day emergent issues on the internet. People will have the chance to interact with other people through the use of social media. Nationalizing the internet will encourage people to access the internet on a regular basis. When people have full access to the internet, they can benefit a lot. People become informed through the wide information that is posted in the internet. People can read freely about different articles of their choice thus acting as a wealth of knowledge. Full access to the internet will impact the lives of people.
Wide Information/Freedom of speech
Nationalizing the internet to be paid on taxation guarantees the users a vast source of information on almost every aspect within their interests. There is a lot of information that is normally posted on the internet for people to read. This information span from different disciplines ranging from business, medicine, education and many others. The ability to express ones ideas and belief at will without any limitation is very satisfactory. When the internet is nationalized as a utility, there are a lot of benefits that people can reap from when it comes to freedom of speech. The internet creates forums where people can air views concerning different undertakings either by the government, private organizations, non-governmental organizations and individuals. Through such a forum people can support or criticize what these bodies are doing. Through such a forum, people tend to be more responsible and accountable in all their endeavors.
The internet being a nationalize utility paid by taxation serves to develop and spearhead the economic growth of various economies. People have resulted to transacting their business through the internet which led to increased development. This strategy has attracted people from across the globe because of it easiness and convenience. Furthermore, people are no longer left out on the various developments made. They are now informed.



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