Money Gram International

MoneyGram’s history dates back to 1940. The company was initially branded Travelers Express located in Minneapolis, Min. Travelers Express expanded and rebranded to MoneyGram International and has since grown to be a leading global money transfer service provider. The company offers an array of services and products to millions of people across the world.
To date the company operates in over 197 countries with approximately 321,000 agents located in various regions. It is essential to highlight that the range of products varies from one country to the other. The company’s mission is to help clients through delivery of convenient, affordable and reliable financial services.
The company has numerous financial products. One of the most influential services is the bill payment services. The pay bill service has eliminated the stress associated with paying service providers. This service allows clients to pay an urgent bill such as mortgage, telecommunication, and credit card bill among other bills. MoneyGram also offers money transfer services. This service ensures that customers to receive and send cash using various channels. With MoneyGram customers can transfer cash from bank accounts, mobile phones, ATMs and debit cards. This array of avenues ensures that the client can access their cash when they need it. MoneyGram also offers official checks and money order in various countries.
MoneyGram works with banks to facilitate seamless transactions. This partnership was initiated to ensure MoneyGram does not lock out potential clients who have not embraced online banking. The company developed anti fraud technology for the purposes of scanning fraudulent and risky transaction. This is in an attempt to protect clients from unscrupulous persons. The company has adopted this technology following its vulnerability to fraud. MoneyGram has for years focused on product innovation to ensure that its services are secure and improve the lives of clients.

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