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PesaPal is a mobile payment solution that seeks to offer Kenyans the e-commerce experience.  The Kenyan society predominantly transacts using cash or cheques. PesaPal is however seeking to change this trend by transforming Kenya to a society that makes virtual transactions. The founder of PesaPal Loko Agosto identified that the larger percent of Kenyans do not own credit cards or debit cards and therefore cannot shop online. 

Another factor that drove the formation Pesapal was the fact that a good number of Kenyans do not bank their money. The company therefore introduced a payment service based on mobile money transfer. PesaPal has networked with Kenya’s mobile networks to make payments easy. PesaPal works with M-pesa, Airtel money, YuCash orange money, MasterCard, Visa and Pesapoint to facilitate money transfer.  
Signing up for PesaPal 
Is very easy and using it is simple too. PesaPal payments are accepted locally and internationally. PesaPal works with any bank. Clients therefore do not need to open new bank account to access PesaPal services. Businesses have embraced PesaPal that has enhanced business performance. Mobile money has become a preeminent means of payment for businesses in Kenya. PesaPal has customized its products to ensure ease for users. The business solutions offered make payments easy and secure hence entrepreneurs can track their expenses.
Pay Bills Using PesaPal
PesaPal users can pay their bills such as water, cable TV, electricity and water. The payments reflect almost immediately to the service providers to ensure your services are uninterrupted. PesaPal sends clients bill notifications to remind them that bills are due. School fee can also be paid using PesaPal. The school fee payment option is an initiative of Safaricom’s ‘Lipa Karo na Mpesa’ and PesaPal. Online payments can also be made using PesaPal.
Kenya is quickly adapting ICT in a bid to digitize operation for purposes of providing efficiency.

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