UVOCORP Discriminates Kenyan Writers in their Application Process

UVOCORP, a onetime leading online company in providing freelance writing jobs has put in place policies that do not favor Kenyan writers in anyway. In 2010, 2011 and partly 2012, UVOCORP was a darling online writing company for Kenyans because of their good payment rates, timely payment, good support team and availability of many orders.
UPDATE:  Kenyans can apply if they hide their IP addresses through a proxy 
SECOND UPDATE: Uvocorp changed its policies and now Kenyans can apply for individual accounts or group accounts. You can also apply several accounts from the same IP because they recognize you can be sharing Internet or surfing from a Cyber cafe.
Serious writers could make up to $1,000 per week while others would apply for the account and sale it at a cost of $750 - $2,000 depending on the level of the account.
This is no longer the case with the Ukrainian Company - accused of scams online - but experience tells me that this is a scam free online writing company having worked for them in 2011.
The company has listed on its website countries from which the writers can apply to join their team without many restrictions as is the case for Kenyans.
When a Kenyan tries to apply the account online, the starting level is college - which is a very low level to start working for if at all they approve your account. Before the restrictions, the starting level was the PHD level and this was a very lucrative level to begin your writing and make money online. Check the picture indicating the listed countries
It will be a big challenge for a Kenyan to apply for an account at UVOCORP and sail through because have seen adverts for writers running on websites targeting Philippines, India and Pakistan.

Reasons Why Kenyans could have been Excluded

Plagiarism - the desire to make more money in a short period leads Kenyans hiring inexperienced writers who end up delivering plagiarized work for the clients and this has damaged the company's image.
Poor Quality - you can deliver a plagiarism free paper but still your work is below standards - fail to understand the instructions properly, using sub-standard materials like Wikipedia - discouraged in academic circles, or just being poor in your research
Lateness in delivery of work - I have personally seen guys fail to deliver clients work within the given deadline and this sucks. Or someone takes so many orders only to request for an extension - this is unprofessional
Uploading the wrong assignment - several writers have more than one account and uploading one assignment in the wrong account is termed as fraud and you deserve to be sacked


Kenyans can now try essay writers or explore other online writing companies as the season is about t start

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