Western Union

Western Union has transformed millions of lives for over 160 years. At is foundation in 1851 Western Union was known as New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegram Company. The company has promoted economic growth by bridging the gaps in the financial sector. The bank has made numerous strides through innovation to emerge as a leading money transfer service provider.
The company has transformed from the telegram era to the digital era that has simplified transactions.
Western Union’s major concern is not only to transfer money but also to improve the lives of its clients. Customer satisfaction is achieved through the provision of a diverse range of services and products. Some of the products offered by Western Union include business solutions, sending and receiving money, payment of bills, money orders and prepaid services. The company has also introduced mobile money transfer products where customers can send money through their cell phones.
Western Union’s products are highly innovative. The products are tailored to address the specific needs of customers. In the designing of products the ultimate goal is to ensure that the products offer convenience and safety. The pay bill service is one of the features that have set Western Union apart from its competitors. This product has made it easy to clear outstanding bill conveniently. The transaction fee charged by western Union is affordable for its clients.
Western union currently operates in over 200 countries. The company has thousands of agents across the world in various financial institutions. Western Union works hand in hand with banks to ensure that customers in need of transferring money can do so with ease. The company is a trusted money transfer partner that has seen the company’s profits skyrocket year after year. With millions of customers the company continues to promise delivery of better services and products. 

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