What is Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill offers digital money transfer services across the world since its inception in 2001. During its inception, the company was known as Moneybookers. The company offers online solutions by helping their clients make payments and receive money.
Skrill operates in 200 countries and transacts using 40 different currencies. Currently the company has over 36 million accounts. Skrill is popular because it is a secure mode of transacting and its transaction charges are low. With about 100 payment solutions, Skrill offer payment solutions to businesses and individuals.
Skrill has a dedicated team of experts that help business persons to achieve their full potential. The team ids all kinds of businesses to grow by providing counsel to help them make wise decisions. The company has developed a number of payment solution tailored to suit the needs of business people. The company also customizes payment solutions to suit the needs of businesses o request.  Some of the business solutions offered by Skrill include retail, auction payment, risk management, corporate and freelance payments and micro payments.
You will be relieved to find out what the company can offers individual clients. First, the company has online shopping options that are easy and secure. Clients can shops on hundreds of online shops with ease without having to enter sensitive information over and over. Second, clients can make instant online deposits and withdrawals. Clients must have the convenience and Skrill is the perfect partner. Thirdly, With Skrill clients can transfer money globally at a low fee. When transferring money, the company gives you an option to transfer in different currencies depending with the country you are sending money to.
The company has earned numerous awards for offering exemplary services to its clients. This shows that the company is committed to products that satisfy the needs of clients. The company believes that innovation is crucial to remaining the best payment solution.

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