YuCash is a revolutionary money transfer service provider that is seeking to transform the lives of Kenyans by offering high quality services. Mobile money transfer services offered in Kenya have to a great extent transformed social economic development in Kenya and the financial sector at large.
Financial institutions are collaborating with mobile communication service providers to offer a convenient and flexible way to deliver financial services. Yu Mobile has not been left behind in an attempt to harness this potential.
YuCash offers innovative money transfer services that are secure and reliable. The services offered by YuCash are greatly differentiated compared to other service providers. YuCash services however not fully exploited due to the existing inter network barriers. The government through the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) has urged service providers to eliminate inter network barriers. This move is seen to be the solution towards the realization of seamless mobile money transfer.
YuCash subscribers can use a number of channels to make transactions. These channels include SMS, USSD, the internet that is WAP, voice and the SIM tool which is the most widely used transaction channel. YuCash has a product for entrepreneurs in partnership with Cooperative Bank, Equity Bank among other banks. Both Equity Bank customers and non customers can withdraw cash from through Equity Bank ATMs using YuCash. To use this option an Equity Bank ATM is not a necessity. Once transactions are made entrepreneurs receive notifications via SMS. YuCash also works in collaboration with Uchumi to facilitate easier transactions and YuCash registrations.
To drive its sales, YuCash uses numerous promotions to attract customers. The company offers bonuses on transactions made as a way of promoting its services. These promotions have over time proved fruitful. Although the company is lagging behind in customer base, the management is struggling to attract new subscribers.

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