10 Investment | Business Opportunities In Machakos County

Machakos County is now a darling county for investors in Kenya after its Governor Alfred Mutua offered 'free land' for investors who will create jobs for people in the county. Whether the issue of giving free land to investors is a good deal or a raw deal, it is not of interest for this blogger at the moment. Machakos County is home to 1.3 Million People and Machakos Town (The capital of the county) is home to 200,000 people.
Machakos University is currently admitting over 2,000 JAB students (It has changed now), this number is big enough to cater for so many businesses given that there are other students. In Machakos town, there is St. Paul University, Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), MIT (Machakos Institute of Technology), South Eastern University, among other colleges. You can explore businesses that target over 10,000 students in Machakos town only. 

The point is that this gesture (if implemented on the ground and not on paper) would create an appropriate environment for different businesses to thrive and Machakos would have new millionaires in less than 5 years. The following business/investment opportunities are good for anyone planning to make their venture in Machakos County
1. Real Estate in Machakos
As it stands right now, we do not even have an estate in Machakos that can be compared to Umoja Estate in Nairobi - the word gated communities in Machakos is a foreign word and investors should explore these opportunities and create modern estates in Machakos - the colonial capital in Kenya.
Why invest in Real estate in Machakos? The land is relatively cheap compared to Nairobi not to mention the availability of building materials and cheap labor. Funny enough, last week I toured Machakos town looking for a residential house to rent and the prices were not different from the prices in Nairobi - right now a 2 bedroom house is going for 10K to 15K and this price is similar to what guys are getting for in Nairobi. Now, if you have 5 million Kenyan shillings, rush to Machakos, get a piece of land and build, there is a ready market for the business. 
2. Hotels - Hotel and restaurant business is booming in Machakos county especially Machakos town and investors should find the best location to invest.
3. Taxi Business - The number of middle class in Machakos is increasing and because this class demands better services and enjoying themselves, traveling in comfort is in their budget. Car hire services are making many people rich. For this business, you do not need to be residing in Machakos to carry out this business successfully. You can still invest even if you stay in Mombasa or Nairobi. Get a Toyota car or any other available car for sale in Kenya that consumes less fuel, find a trustworthy guy and give it to them to do the business for you. The returns vary from 35K to 70K per month depending on the model of your car and fuel consumption. Start today or call me I give you guidance on this business in Machakos town.
4. TukTuk and Maruti Business in Machakos Town - TukTuk, according to my analysis in Machakos, is a better money maker than taxi. A new TukTuk costs 350-450K while a Toyota Axio for Taxi business costs 1.2M. The TukTuk brings 1K per day and 30K per month while the Toyota Axio will bring 40-60K per month. The cost of Axio you can get three TukTuk and comfortably make 90K per month in Machakos - isn't this not good money?
5. Fast Food Joints - I did not categorize this business in the hotel business because the approach is different. In Machakos town, some food joints make more money than the above mentioned businesses. There are several universities and the students demand Chips supply daily.
6. Mobile Phones And Accessories - In the last few years (since 2014), the number of businesses selling mobile phones and accessories has increased. Leading dealers such as Mobicom have pitched camp in Machakos and same for the communication players. Safaricom, Airtel and Orange have shops in Machakos and fully pledged customer care centers. This is a good sign that you cant go wrong if you decide to venture in the industry.
7. Vehicle Spare parts business - Cars are cheap now, anyone serious on buying a car will own one, with 250K you can get a car, Toyota 110 is going for 300-450K, and its a good car for low income earners. The cheap cars have boosted the vehicle spare parts business in Machakos town and you should not be left behind when it comes to investing.
8. Microcredit business 

9. Detergents and disinfectants business (liquid soap)
10.  Fruit salad business


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