4 Internet Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013

Time flies and with it, the years go by. A good number of businesses are already looking forward to what 2013 has in store. Budgets are being allocated, strategies are being drawn up, and trends are being monitored. On the trends front, there are several being looked at as potentially powerful drivers in the digital world. Here are four that could shake things up in the internet marketing arena.

How Technical Support is a Necessity for Small Growing Businesses

How Technical Support is a Necessity for Small Growing BusinessesTechnology is growing rapidly, so rapidly that it is a struggle to keep up. With new devices, apps and software constantly being developed, it is essential to have support in handling them. Think back to how business was done just a few decades ago; no mobiles, no internet, no email and certainly no smart technology allowing us to communicate effortlessly. Innovations in technology have helped us progress and grow our businesses into profitable, efficient and global organizations, but just imagine having no support when it came to using all these technological platforms.

Top 10 Richest Women In The World 2013

This is deep analysis of the top 10 world’s richest Women in 2013. In this list of the top 10 wealthiest Women in the globe, I seek to understand the businesses they undertake, their investment philosophies, and what we can emulate from them as small business owners. The top 10 richest Women in the world include;

What is Business Cycle

Business cycle refers to the vitality of economic growth. It can also be defined as a fluctuation or regular swings in the tempo of a country’s economic growth. These up and downs in the overall business affects a number of factors e.g. employment rates and general price levels. A business cycle is characterized by four cycles; contraction, expansion, peak and recessions.

Definition of Arbitrage

Arbitrage can be viewed as a deal where there is no existence of a negative cash flow whether in a probabilistic state or temporal state. There is positive cash flow as per opinion in minimum one state. It is simply a risk free profit or gain.

Mobile Marketing Outlook 2013

Mobile marketing is no longer a novelty item. Slowly but surely, it is becoming an integral component in the marketing mixes of brands around the world. And while much of mobile’s appeal is based on potential alone, 2013 is on course to be the year this channel flashes the most genuine value we’ve seen thus far.

Increases in Mobile Growth and Spending

Top 10 World’s Richest People 2013 & Business Investments

This is deep analysis of the top 10 world’s richest people in 2013 and their business investments. In this list of the top 10 wealthiest people in the globe, I seek to understand the businesses they undertake, their investment philosophies, and what we can emulate from them as small business owners. The top 10 richest people in the world include Carlos Slim Helu, BILL GATES, Warren Edward Buffett, Bernard Arnault, Larry Ellison, Lakshmi Mittal, Amancio Ortega, Eike Batista, Mukesh Ambani, and Christy Walton 

Pricing Strategies for Entrepreneurs 2013

Does Pricing make the designer's/brand's products/goods different from its competitors?

Prices makes product brands different in the market. Different commodities are associated with varying prices. To counter competitors a firm should ensure that their prices are reasonable and fair to the consumers.

PEST Analysis for Businesses | PESTEL

PEST analysis is also referred to as PESTEL. PEST analysis includes political, economic, social-cultural and technological factors. PEST analysis plays a big role in understanding the macro environment of any business. Entrepreneurs must strive hard to achieve a balanced PEST analysis for their businesses to flourish in a competitive environment.

International Business: Structures, Management and Governance

Range of management and governance structures

Many organizations have a governance system that is mainly based on Board of directors which bears the responsibility of making important decisions regarding operational matters. The auditor’s corporate board has the responsibility auditing the performance of the directors of the organization. Some of the features of the corporate governance structure include:

Global Business Strategy for Entreprenuers 2013

Business strategy is a tool for managers so that they are able to respond to the competing needs and changes in the market. Business strategies should be effective enough so that they ensure productivity in the company. It is important for all managers to adopt a strategy for their company to allow for benchmarking, outsourcing and business re-engineering.

Problem Solving Skills in Business

Problem solving skills are skills that are usually developed with time that is essential in solving problems that one is faced with in life. This resource enables an individual to acquire skills that are helping him in solving of problems when facing challenges and problems. In the course of the life of an individual; one is bound to face several problems and challenges that require the individual to handle them through solving. That is why this skill of problem solving is essential in ones life.

Advantages Of Logic In Improving Our Reasoning

Logic is the art of analyzing a situation, object or even an argument and offering the possible solutions. Logic is taught in schools to enhance the thinking methodology of students. Logic however is required in handling matters that are deemed to be sensitive and thus requires one to be very careful. Logic requires sound judgment and reasoning.

Bill Gates Leadership for Entrepreneurs 2013

Bill Gates Leadership: William Henry famously known as Bill Gates is with no doubt one of the world’s greatest leaders. Bill Gates is the author of Microsoft and a business magnate in America. Bill Gates is a philanthropist who donated his wealth for charitable deeds. Bill Gates is a great entrepreneur most specifically dealing with the revolution of personal computers.

Human Resource Management (HRM) for Smoothing Running of Business 2013

Human Resource Management for Smoothing Running of Business. The goals and objectives of any organization are primarily achieved through ensuring that all the aspects of the employees’ are taken into consideration, through a proper structured HR (human resource management).

Top 15 Richest Rappers in the World 2013

Top 15 Richest Rappers in the World 2013:Rapping and singing is a career like any other, for instance a doctor, a lawyer or even a teacher. It requires hard work and sacrifice in order to achieve your goal. Most people think it is a walk in the park as long as you have the talent. This too has to be worked for to get the exact words, the exact vocals and so forth. The following are the top 15 richest rappers in the world.

Konza Techno City Investment Opportunities Kenya

Konza Techno City Investment Opportunities Kenya. A hub of investment in Kenya. I will analyze in depth business opportunities in Konza - Kenya's prime ICT town

1. Golf Club                                            7. Law Firms

2. Restaurants                                         8. Real Estate Developments  

3. Five, four, three star hotels                   9. Provision of Agricultural products (After some years)

4. Taxi services                                      10. Drinking Water (Purified) - a good deal

5. Universities (Branches)  preferably offering evening classes 11. Coca-cola Depot

6. Barber Shops/Beauty Shops                12. Computer services, web design/ software development

Safaris in Kenya

Think safaris think Kenya. Kenya is an established safari destination in the larger East African community. If you are looking for some adventure, exploration or sightseeing Kenya offers you a wide range of location to take a safari. Getting deep into the wilderness off the mainstream tracks offers an experience to remember. In the wilderness lies all the beauty of the African wildlife. I will highlight a number of safari destinations in Kenya as well as highlight some of Kenya's leading safari operators. 

Safaricom: Leading Communication Company in Kenya

The Safaricom needs no introduction since it has established itself as a household name in Kenya and the entire region. The revenue turnover for the company is over 100 billion Kenya shilling making it more valuable those most financial institutions in the country.

How to Grow Your Business in 2013 – 10 Ways

How to grow your business in 2013 – 10 ways, should be the topic discussed by entrepreneurs in the business cycles everyday. This is because growing your business helps in keeping someone active and brings the joy of satisfaction after realizing the fruits of the business. 

Small Business Ideas in the UK

Setup a firm which publishes computer programs for students who want to their programming writing skills for instance web design, c++ and html. Each of these published programs might give tips on how to better their programming skills, new ideas improve and tips would also be very helpful to students.

Air Kenya Express, Destinations, Airlines in Kenya

Air Kenya Express is one of the best airlines in Kenya. The merger between Sunbird Aviation and Air Kenya in the year 1985 saw the inception of Air Kenya Express Company. Before the merger the two companies had graced the skies for over two decades with excellent service to their customers. The company is based at the Wilson Airport in Nairobi. The airline operates domestic flights within Kenya as well as charters in the neighboring Tanzania.

Tourism in Kenya

Tourism in Kenya
People love leisure, and tourism in Kenya offers that opportunity to both the rich and the poor in the society to enjoy themselves. Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful people and a beautiful culture. Tourism is the second largest income earner for the country after agriculture. The magnificent landscape and breath taking geographical features have made Kenya a top tourist destination in the African continent. 

The majority of people touring the country are foreigner mostly from Europe. Domestic tourism is also on the rise thanks to a fierce campaign conducted by the Kenya Tourism Board. I will highlight the various tourist destinations in the county that have seen people travel miles to come and share in the experience.  

Small Business Ideas In Kenya

Small business ideas in Kenya  are very diverse and they vary depending on the pockets of an investor and are of different categories. Kenya is a developing country with a population of over 40 million citizens providing a good environment to invest your money.

Top 10 Companies In Kenya 2013 Ranked By Financial Strength

The top 10 companies in Kenya are also believed to be the best employers in the country. Many university graduates apply for Internship programs in these companies. There are hundreds of companies in Kenya either indigenous or those started by foreign investors. However, there are a number of companies that stand out from the rest due to their exemplary quality of services. I will discuss 10 of Kenya's top companies in terms of their financial might and their reputation.

Top 10 Insurance Companies in Kenya List

What are the top ten insurance companies in Kenya and how best can I insure my business? Thinking of starting a business? Do you know the risks involved? Where do you run to operate your business with some peace of mind? What if? These are some of the questions most entrepreneurs ask themselves before venturing into any business.

Top 10 Banks In Kenya List 2013

Top 10 Banks In Kenya List 2013, KCB, Barclays, Cooperative, NBK, Equity 2013: The strengthening of the Kenyan economy for the last ten years due to a change in governance has seen a major transformation in the banking industry. Commercial banks and investment banks in Kenya have been opened up through out the country to provide financial services.

Professional Skepticism – Auditor 2013

Professional Skepticism – Auditor 2013 : Professional skepticism simply equates skepticism with distrust and the opposite of trust. It can be defined as the propensity of an auditor to defer the conclusion of an audit until he or she gets enough evidence which will provide sufficient evidence to support his or her audit opinion. 

Intercultural communication within an organization

Intercultural communication in any organization is very healthy as it leads high performance in the company. Employees need to feel comfortable and appreciated in their work area and this motivates them into high performance. The strategies devised by Michael Banks in the company led to intercultural miscommunication in the company.  

Consumer Behavior: Kiwibank

Typical Consumer Decision Sequence for a Bank Customer
 Consumer behavior is the process of making a decision through acquiring, evaluating, using and disposing of goods and services. To understand the typical consumer decision sequence for a bank customer such a customer for Kiwibank and what to expect of them, it is important to evaluate the marketing analysis and the marketing segmentation of the banking industry. 

Events Experience Analysis

The article seeks to evaluate event experiences I have had of two planned events. I will carry out the analysis of my event experience of Beijing Olympics and the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles. It is essential to note that, even though events might not be similar; they have similarities in the way they are organized and managed. This article evaluates the objectives of the events, and whether they were achieved as well as the type of experience from each event. 

Qatar Airways Company | Strategic Retail Planning

Qatar Airways Company - Strategic Retail Planning : Lewison defines a strategic retail plan as an impressive design or blueprint for ensuring success in all of the organization’s business endeavors.  A strategic retail plan aims at realizing a strategic fit between the capabilities of the retailer and the environmental opportunities in the present and in the future. Competitive advantage is sustained by a retailer who has achieved a good fit result through proper strategic planning.

The Contingency Theories of Leadership

Contingency theories of leadership complement trait and behavioral theories in understanding leadership by putting into consideration the environment in which the leader exists.   It plays a significant role in understanding leadership effectiveness in a given situation in which the leader exists.

Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems (LTCPS) 2013

Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems (LTCPS): Strengths and Opportunities of LTCPS
The brand name Little Tikes from the Rubbermaid Inc. drew its strength from the fact that the company acquired the industry leader, Los Angeles-based Omni. This meant that the company would take less time to market Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems in Los Angeles because barriers to entry into the market were reduced after the acquisition. 

Boeing Company: Oligopoly Market

The Boeing Company which manufactures aircraft ranging from commercial jetliners to military aircraft is the world’s leading aircraft company based in the United States of America. The company has partnered with different airlines across the globe in the field of aviation. The industry of the Boeing Company is the oligopoly market (industry) since the aviation industry is dominated by a few sellers as noted by different experts in the market. 

Top 5 World’s Richest Countries 2013

Top 5 World’s Richest Countries 2013: Entrepreneurs evaluate the richest countries and the poorest countries in the world with a view of determining the best investment that suits a specific region. The richness is determined using different estimates by different organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.  The purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita of different countries is used to derive the gross domestic product (GDP). 
 However, despite the fact that the GDP (PPP) can indicate the wealth of a country, estimations based purely on the nominal GDP are believed to ignore the national wealth of a country and this might not favor some countries in the rankings. 


Real estate is land, including the air above it and the ground below it incorporating any kind of structures that are erected on it. Real estate cuts across the board from residential houses, commercial offices, entertainment spots like restaurants, retail outlets, industrial buildings such as factories and government buildings. The key players in this sector are landlords, developers, builders, real estate agents, tenants and buyers.

Standard Digital outsmarts Daily Nation Popularity in the Kenyan Online Market | Statistics

Standard Digital outsmarts Daily Nation Popularity in the Kenyan Online Market- Statistics
The Standard Digital has a higher Alexa Ranking than the Daily Nation in the first month of 2013. This means that Kenyans are reading the Standard Digital. I was recently reviewing the performance of Kenyan websites in regard to the respected global ranking, and noticed that the Standard Digital is common among Kenyans compared to the competitor, -Daily Nation. 

Business Tips and Tricks for 2013

Business Tips and Tricks: All entrepreneurs must get the right business tips and tricks for 2013 for their business to grow and reap the benefits they have been waiting for – improved profits. Every one of us needs to improve their earnings, who doesn’t? For this to be achieved, each and every business which sector or industry needs to have the right business tricks and tips.

What is Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key indicator of how the goods and services offered by a firm meet customer’s expectations. It also measures the performance of a business. In the recent past most firms or businesses used the concept of bargaining power to attract and retain their customers. This rule no longer exists because it has been replaced by the concept of customer satisfaction.

Crowdbooster: Social Media Marketing Analytics and Optimization

Crowdbooster is a site dedicated to social media marketing and giving bloggers, webmasters and co-operates a reason to believe in the power of the social networks. Crowdbooster is giving a new way to get analysis into our fan pages in twitter and facebook using real analysis.