Domain Names Registration 2013

Domain Names Registration 2013: A domain is a sub network which comprises of customers and servers. Servers are like databases which keep information about certain data. They include SQL servers and Oracle servers.

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand , Bank, Accounting, Airways, UN, NGO, Teaching, Nursing, Engineering, Finance, Online and Embassy Jobs: Am exploring the top 10 most popular jobs in Kenya in demand 2013 and evaluate why they are in high demand.

What is a Blog? How/Create | Best Blogging Platforms | WordPress, Blogger

What is a Blog? How | Create | Best Blogging Platforms | WordPress, Blogger. A blog is a type of a website that is regularly updated by one or several people and is usually arranged to start with the latest posts/articles to the orders.

PepsiCo Strategy: Marketing, International, Competitive, Jobs 2013

 A. Marketing Strategy for PepsiCo
1. Price and advertising strategy
PepsiCo Overhauls StrategyPepsiCo overhauls strategy is part of its advertising strategy. PepsiCo Company plans to save $1.5 billion in the next three years. The company plans on revamping up its advertisements, cutting on thousands of its work force and ensuring a bigger than the expected decline in it’s near term earnings. The funds saved by the company will help the company to step up its spending on brand advertisement.

Ethical Theories | Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Natural law, Risk and Responsibility

Ethical theories and principles are the fundamentals of ethical scrutiny since they are the standpoints from which direction can be acquired along the trail to decision making (Ethical Theory). Each theory stresses different points stressing on different facets of ethical dilemma and seeks to direct to the typically morally accurate resolve according to the guiding principle of the ethical theory itself (Ethical Theory).

Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Small Business Essay

Pros and Cones of partnership

Pros of partnership
Partnerships are owned by more than one person and this increases the ability to raise funds. With partnerships, partners are more able to contribute more funds for the partnership and have high borrowing capacity (Bragg and Bragg, 2005). The partners are not employees and therefore workers compensation insurance and superannuation contributions are not payable by the drawing and profits from the partners.

Business and Professional Ethics Essay 2013

Business and Professional Ethics Essay 2013: Any form of business established is subjective to the laws of a country. All business units must be compliant with the existing rules and regulations as per the specific country (Dunn & Brooks, 2011).


RSS- It denotes either Really Simple Syndicate or Rich Site Summary. It is a way of frequently informing exciting and crucial news to users directly without using the e-mail especially in the fields they are interested in, such as celebrity gossip, blog tips and tricks, social media, technology, phones and marketing tips.

Kenya Airways (KQ): Careers, Destinations, Cargo, Bookings

History of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Kenya Airways (KQ): Careers, Destinations, Cargo, Bookings : Kenya Airways (KQ): The Pride of Africa 2013 was established in the year 1977 after the disbanding of East African Airways as a result of the then failed East Africa Community. The airline was established as the national carrier and the government put effort to make the airline’s operations profitable. In the late 1980's, the government put in place strategies for the successful privatization of the company.

Used Cars For Sale In Kenya | Standard Group Promotes

Used cars for sale in Kenya - Competition is stiff among traders after Standard group uses to explore the market. 
It seems competition on selling used cars in Kenya online has been taken to a higher notch. It is after Standard Digital announced sale of used cards on their website . On browsing their cars to see if they have created their own directory for the used cars in Kenya, I notice that their cars have pictures from, an online car listing website. 

30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013/4/5

This is a list of 30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013/4/5 that they need to evaluate and venture into to make money for their families.
1.Making ornaments  Kenyan women love decorations, and making and selling ornaments would make a great business idea for the Kenya woman. One can engage in making ornaments with the use of the readily available materials for instance shells for those living in the coastal region.

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Exhibit At Trade Shows

As an entrepreneur you should be attending trade shows left, right and centre. You might think they’re a waste of time and money, but you’ll quickly see they can reap rewards very quickly if you go to them.

Assessing Competitors: Merger and Acquisition 2013

Assessing Competitors: Merger and Acquisition 2013: A company should use various elements to access its competitor. Competitors are other business organizations that share the same market in terms of producing products. The hussy and jester model provides a channel for analysis of an industry.