What is Webmaster Tools?

Webmasters tools refer to the tools (apparatus) used by any webmaster such as bloggers and web developers in development and maintenance of their websites/blogs. If you do not have a webmaster tools account, you need to open one with Google webmaster tools or Bing Webmaster tools accounts.

What is Blog Traffic and Website Traffic and How is it Generated?

In the general public, traffic is associated with transport and more so the congestion on traffic in major towns around the globe. What exactly does blog traffic or website traffic mean? Blog/websites traffic is the number of people (visitors) who come (visit) your website/blog when searching for information in the online platforms.

What is the definition of Search Engines

Search engines are the websites that help people searching information online find it easily. Search engines deliver web pages to online users who are searching knowledge from the Internet. Search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask among others.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of ensuring that your blog is visible to search engines despite the stiff competition in the online communities.SEO is one of the best blogging tips that cannot be overlooked by bloggers and webmasters

Blogging Tips

Blogging tips are the methods used by a blogger to make his/her blogging career easy. The blogging tips include developing SEO for your blog, creating a good design for your blog or website.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the act and the process of running a blog with the aim of achieve certain goals in life. Such goals could include, monetization of the blog, doing it as a hobby or sharing your personal achievements.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who runs and owns a weblog called blog. The process of running a blog is referred to as blogging and is done through posting articles/posts to the blog.

Kenyan-Post.com is Worth 60 Million – a Reason to Consider Online Business

Kenyan-Post.com is Worth 60 Million – a Reason to Consider Online Business
Yes – The Daily Post – a common gossip/news site in Kenya is valued online at KShs 55-120 million – Can the online web appraisals be reliable – yes.

Pika Chakula: Kenya's No. 1 Recipe Resource 2013

PikaChakula.com is Kenya's No. 1 resources for recipes. Owned by Rajan and launched in May 2011, the site has grown to be one of the most respected websites in Kenya.  I have decided to review the site after noticing impressing performances on search engines and the increased desire by Kenyans to learn about different recipes.

How To Make Money Online in Kenya - Scam Free Ways

best ways to make money online in kenya
How To Make Money Online in Kenya - Scam Free Ways: How to earn money online is a phrase searched thousands of times on the Internet by a thirsty community interested in making more money with technology. Many people around the world are exploring on different ways they can use to make more money.

Is Pre-Pack Administration the Best Way to Get Businesses Trading Again?

Pre-Pack Administration can help to keep a business trading by selling it to a director or member
of the company. It happens when the business is becoming insolvent and facing difficult financial
decisions and threats from various creditors. It involves selling while trading and completely legal to
do. However, it is not for everyone and there are pros and cons to the matter.

Facebook Officially Changes the Timeline Look 2013

Facebook has officially changed the timeline look:
This is the message from Facebook team: "We've made some updates to how your Timeline looks. Your posts and life events are on the right, with everything else on the left".

List of Top 50 Blogs About Blogging By Zac and Matt Leaves out 2 Worthy Blogs

Zac Johnson post on Top 50 Blogs About Blogging  enhanced from Matt Smith List of The Same Blogs About Blogging intentionally, willingly, or out of bias, lack of consideration of Indian Bloggers or Pakistan, leaves out 2 main prominent blogs about blogging.

The list by Zac and Matt - two prominent bloggers, is based on Alexa Rank as the main listing factor and is backed up by Google Page Rank. This promoted me to ask myself, why leave certain blogs in that list?

Online Scams in Kenya | Why You Fall Prey to Scams and How to Avoid being a Victim

My name is Peter Mutiso, a blogger, freelancer and a consultant in making money online. I started working online 5 years ago, a third year student at Kenyatta University - over the years, I have gained valuable experience on working online, getting genuine clients, I understand why Kenyans fall prey to online scams, I know the best ways to make money online - after all,  I have never thought of going to seek for 'formal employment' in the corporate world.

REVEALED: Facebook Likes and Shares Do Not Lower Alexa Rank. Why do Kenyan Companies Value Facebook So Much? Part 1

Is it that important to share links on Facebook?
In this post, I do not seek to diminish the importance of creating awareness of your brand through Facebook shares, likes, but I endeavor to show that Facebook likes/shares does not necessary lower Alexa Rank (The lower the Alexa Rank, the more the website has a high authority in the eyes of search engines such as Google, Bing).In fact, I will show you that sharing links on Facebook does not always convert into visitors of your websites/blogs.

5 Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners 2013

5 Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners: Imagine you run the local coffee shop on Main Street in your small town. For the most part, your days are consumed with the coffee beverages and espresso you provide to caffeine addicts. Making great coffee drinks and providing a warm, cozy atmosphere for your customers are top priorities, but the bottom line is you need to make a living. Chances are you can't hire an accountant or a financial manager to take care of bookkeeping, so these tips and tricks will help ensure that you maximize the investments for your small business. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Myth and Webmasters spent valuable time practising SEO

Why should webmasters waste time in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Why do they just provide the content they intent for their audiences? Why should webmasters - in blogging commonly known as bloggers, read about SEO, practice it, and do all they can to implement it on their blogs/websites?

SEO is a myth - a website/blog can rank high on search engines even if the owner of that website has never heard or practiced SEO.

National Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

National Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013:
NBK has operated in the banking sector for over four decades. The emergence of other banking institutions have slowed down the growth rate of the bank. However, the bank is among Kenya’s top 10 banks. The banks have a range of accounts types and has embraced emerging technology in the delivery of it services.

Cooperative Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Cooperative Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: Cooperative bank has national outlook. Its presence is evident in every part of the county especially with the recent development of agent banking dubbed coop kwa jirani. The bank has a large client base especially because it has developed different types of accounts tailor made to suit different consumer needs.

CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013:CFC in comparison with other banks has a smaller portion of clients. However, CFC Stanbic bank is the most valuable bank in the country. It lending trend is a bit conservative to ensure that it only lends to clients with the ability to pay back the loans. 

Housing Finance Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Housing Finance Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: Housing Finance is best known for its provision of mortgage facilities. It is reputable for offering clients with mortgage related services. The mortgage packages provided by the bank are affordable and have made it for thousands of Kenyans to own homes. The Kenyan government has made it possible for most Kenyans to access mortgage facilities through the bank. The Housing Finance  bank provides clients with funds to either buy or build a home.

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: DTB is Kenya’s leading bank in terms of asset quality. the bank records the lowest non performing loans ratio which is computed by the division of non performing loans over the total amount of loans advanced to clients. This means that Diamond Trust Bank Kenya has a low bad debt record since they advance their credit to creditworthy clients.

KCB- Kenya Commercial Bank Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank) is most reputable for its boldness in taking risks when in comes to advancing loans to clients. Unlike other banks, Kenya Commercial Bank has taken the initiative to offer a wide range of loans both personal and business loans. The bank advances fee, holiday, home and car loans. KCB has attractive dividends to it shareholders as it performs well in the Nairobi securities exchange. It is the oldest indigenous bank in Kenya.

Barclay's Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Barclay's Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: Barclay's bank of Kenya has over the years recorded profits which has boosted confidence in potential investors and shareholders. The dividend ratio for the bank is also high which has attracted more investors to invest in the bank. The bank is highly valued and growing at a steady rate hence rankedone of Kenya’s top 10 banks.

Online Shopping in Kenya | Buy and Sell Online Increased in 2013 - 2015

Online Shopping in Kenya: | Buy and Sell Online increased in 2013- 2015: Kenyans have embraced technology and use of Internet in doing their businesses. Online shopping websites in Kenya are mushrooming every single day, and the number of Kenyans using The Internet has increased tremendously over the last two years.

EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 Earning Websites in Kenya 2013 (Adsense Earnings Only)

This is a list of the top 10 earning websites in Kenya and how much they earn in reference to Adsense approximations. Google Adsense is a very common Pay Per Click program used by many webmasters around the world - and all top websites in Kenya use the program to make money with their online content.

NIC Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches, Online 2013

NIC Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches, Online 2013: NIC was incorporated in Kenya on 29th September 1959, when Standard Bank Limited (“Standard”) and Mercantile Credit Company Limited (Mercantile) -both based in the United Kingdom – jointly formed the company. The company was amongst the first non-bank financial institutions to provide hire purchase and installment credit finance facilities in Kenya. source: About NIC

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited: Careers, Branches, Contacts, Online 2013

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited: Careers, Branches, Contacts, Online 2013: Standard Chartered Bank Kenya is one of the best banks in Kenya.

About the Bank

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited was established in 1911 with the first branch opened in Mombasa Treasury Square.

Equity Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches 2013

Equity Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches 2013: Equity Bank Kenya is a leading bank in the country as listed on this blog.