Who is a Webmaster? What is Webmaster Tools?

What exactly does being a webmaster mean? What is the meaning of webmaster tools? You can get million answers from search engines on what webmaster means? I will use simple explanation to discuss the meaning of Who is a Webmaster? What is Webmaster Tools?

The Role Of Technology In Business

Technology can be defined as the making and usage of materials, tools, systems and machines in order to enhance production or solve problems in organizations or in individual situations. A business can be defined as a group of people, an individual or an organization involved in the trade of goods and services at a profit. Technology has been heavily involved in facilitation of business processes and has lead to a dramatic evolution of business practices and competition strategies worldwide.

Apps to Improve Your Planning Plus Workflow

Running a startup can feel like performing in a one-man band morning, noon and night. If you don't have an assistant, or even an intern, you're left maintaining the social media networks, keeping up with correspondence between vendors and clients and planning out payroll, purveyors, and budgeting. Hoping to be first at the finish line with an electronic wallet, Ernst & Young and Knowledge@Wharton are combining their efforts to release an app that will make mobile banking seamless, reports PRWeb.com. Since Ernst & Young elected Mark Weinberger as the Global Chairman and CEO of the company, there are many new and exciting projects on the horizon thanks to Weinberger. Innovations, like the Electronic Wallet app, are helping entrepreneurs to conduct their business. There are many other apps, like Alto or Enloop that will improve your workflow, create a sound business plan and can transform you from the stressed entrepreneur to a master of all tasks.

Google AdSense – A Program For Making Money Online

Google AdSense is cost per click money making program for publishers (webmasters (website owners)) owned by Google Inc. Google AdSense is the most common online method of making money with a website/blog and is preferred by many webmasters/bloggers.

Pay Per Click (Cost Per Click) Internet Advertising Model

Pay per click also called cost per click is an advertising program used by advertisers to create awareness of their brands through publishers {website owners (webmasters)}. In this kind of internet advertising model, the advertiser pays when a visitor to a publisher’s website clicks on his/her advert.  Pay per click is the most effective way of marketing your products online followed by content marketing, sponsored reviews, direct adverts, blogging and social media marketing. 

Make Money Online with Facebook Groups

Yes – you can make money online with Facebook groups. Making money in a legit way is the best thing that can happen to people seeking to increase their income. Facebook, the largest social media site is providing a free platform you can use to make money online in a decent way acceptable by the applicable laws of nature.

Which is best? Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Experia Z or Nokia Lumia 620

Which is best? Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Experia Z or Nokia Lumia 620
Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Experia Z or Nokia Lumia 620 are the most trending Smartphone’s right now around the globe and each of the company is trying to enjoy a competitive advantage in different markets.

A $14.6 Billion Mother's Day

Mother's Day Flowers Infographic
This infographic about Mother's Day was created by FTD.com

The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Kenya

Overview of Social Media in Kenya

Social media is a more interactive method than traditional ways and is thus a more effective way of marketing.  Social media enables one to interact with customers worldwide at any time and for free. This makes it a cheap way for organizations to implement marketing strategies. 

Making Money Online with a Car Classified Website in Kenya

Making money online using a car classified website in Kenya is a very great and a lucrative business investment opportunity someone should thinking of starting if they want to make money online with a website. This is because there is increased demand of used cars in Kenya and they search starts online – and most Kenyans prefer searching for used cars in the classified websites. 

Gold or Silver? The Better Precious-Metal Investment

          Olympians will always prefer to win a gold medal as opposed to its silver counterpart. Similarly, recording artists will continue striving for gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, while settling for silver records as consolation prizes. Though gold gets all the glory when it comes to societal prominence, it is not necessarily the better option for those looking to invest in precious metals. Both gold and silver have their pros and cons when compared side-by-side. The decision ultimately lies with the individual, and we have provided a few nuggets as a guide for potential investors.

5 Tips to Reduce Your Corporation Tax Liabilities

Since the last budget, the rate of corporation tax is reducing. Businesses will need to pay 20%, which is now in line with income tax for individuals.  Many businesses struggle to pay corporation tax on time to HMRC, so here is some tips to help reduce your corporation tax liabilities and keep more money for your business profits.