Music or Movie Library Business in Kenya

We all love some good entertainment after a long day of work. Nothing does it better that good movies or a nice playlist of your favorite music. Many youths in Kenya are making a living out of this business idea. The reason this idea is attractive to the youth is because it is fun. I will give you a simplified way to start a music or movie library business.

Video Taping Businesses In Kenya

People today want to keep memories of special events in their life. Videos make it possible to relive our most cherished memories. This has seen more focus being drawn towards videotaping services. 

Chapati Masters Business In Kenya

Chapattis are one of Kenya most popular foods. However, many people think that it is cumbersome to make chapattis. Many unemployed women and youth are making a living out of the sale of chapattis. If you love to cook you can venture into this business and make a living out of it. I will tell you why chapatti making is a business ventures you cannot afford to ignore.

Shoe Shining Business In Kenya

Many of us rubbish this business idea thinking it is of little importance. Many of us cannot visualize themselves doing this business because we think the returns are particularly low. Shoe shiners offer very essential services that we might disregard because we do not need them.

Interior Design Business In Kenya

Everybody wants to live in a house that is visually appealing. Interior designers help you identify appropriate décor, furniture, carpets, lighting and color to make you house an ideal place to live in. If you want to venture into the interior design business, you must be creative and be able to put things together in a functional manner.

Embroidery Business For Kenyan Women

For women who love to sew, you can do embroidery and earn an extra living. This can be done as a part time activity aside from your mainstream job. Today sewing of mats and clothes of various fabrics is very popular and quite marketable too.

Hawking Business In Kenya

Do not be quick to rubbish hawking as waste of time. With the right approach, you can make a significant income out of hawking. This does not have to be a full time venture. You can do it during your leisure time to substitute your income. 

Cards Making Business In Kenya

The business of making cards in Kenya is growing owing to the large number of events being organized every other day. Cards are made for various occasions from weddings, fare wells, business cards and fundraise. Card varies depending with the needs of your clients. Wedding offers the largest market for cards in Kenya.

Massage Parl0r Business In Kenya

With the stressful nature of life, today, it is essential to find a way of relaxing. Having a good massage is an effective way to relax you. Massage parl0rs are very popular in urban areas. Many urban dwellers seek the services of massage parl0rs to relieve their bodies of the stress they undergo.

Events Planning Business In Kenya

Event planning and organizing are one of Kenya’s most profitable business ventures. Events planners are people who help others organize their upcoming events. These people organize wedding, fare wells, graduation ceremonies, concerts, beauty pageants and birthdays. 

Fruit Salad Business In Kenya | Start Investing Now (Gradutates)

Fruit salad business in Kenya is a booming venture among university graduates. Start to invest if you have 50,000K and make profits. Getting employment after graduating is not an easy thing for many students and the option for starting a small business is what all they have to make their life's better. Fruit salad is a low cost business idea that needs determination to make in the market.

Kenya being a tropical regional has a favorable climate for many fruits. Fruits and fruit salads are largely consumed in Kenya for their nutritional value. The most commonly consumed fruits in Kenya are bananas, pineapples, apples, water melons, passion fruits, mangoes, oranges, beet roots and pawpaw. University students and other Kenyans interested in this business exploit the desire for a healthy living to make a fortune.

Second Hand Clothes Businesses In Kenya

A large percent of Kenya buy second hand clothes. You may be inclined to think that these clothes are of low quality, but amazingly they are unique and of high quality. The second hand clothes market grows years after the year. 

Carpets And Seats Cleaning Business In Kenya

We all want to live in a clean home. Carpets and seats can at times be a bit of a challenge when it comes to cleaning them. After investing a considerable amount to purchase the carpets and seats, you want to keep them clean.

Starting a Retail Business In Kenya

The retail business is perhaps the largest business venture in the country. The retail business is attractive because it brings products closer to clients. Retailers bring products to the reach of clients. The retail business involves a sale of products from a wide range of industries.

Facebook Adds Targeting Specific Locations When sharing Your Posts

You can now target specific locations such a Cities, Countries or Regions. Facebook has also enabled targeting specific audiences on your Facebook fanpage - .

Laundry As A Business Venture In Kenya

Many people in Kenya have become increasingly busy and barely have time to do household chores. This has made the laundry business grow. Laundry business is particularly popular in urban areas where there is a large number of the working class.

Poultry Farming Business In Kenya

Poultry farming in Kenya includes rearing chicken for meat and for eggs.  The sale of chicken products can help boost your family’s income. There are many breeds of chicken that are domesticated in Kenya.


Farming is a huge business in Kenya whether it is under small scale or large scale. Contrary to the notion that farming requires large tracks of land, farming can be carried out on a small scale and earn you a living. 

Day Care Business In Kenya

The popularity of day care institutions has been growing over the years. This is attributed to the fact that there is an increase in the number of working mothers in the country. Working mothers need an assurance that their kids will be safe and well taken care of while they are at work.

Fish Farming Business In Kenya

Fish farming is increasingly growing in Kenya due to the increased demand for fish. The consumption of fish is growing at a tremendously high rate. Fresh water fish has the largest demand probably because it easily available. Fish farming is being practice in many parts of the country. Here are some reasons why you should consider fish farming.

Church Business In Kenya (God Forbid)

The church seems to be commercialized in Kenya (God Forbid). Many people tend to view the church as an easy source of income. This notion has seen an upsurge of churches all over the country. Individuals are beginning their own churches that have different names away from the conventional churches.

Baking As A Business Opportunity In Kenya

Baking is a simple skill that can be learned within a short, period. Many youth who have the passion to bake have taken up this opportunity. Baking is very profitable due to the existence of a large market for baked products.  

Florist Business In Kenya

The domestic market for flowers in Kenya has grown tremendously over the last decade. Flowers are highly demanded especially during events such as wedding. The various flowers that are grown in Kenya are roses, carnations, alstroemeria, lilies, gypsophila, and sunflowers. Roses and carnations have the largest market share. 

Cyber Café Businesses In Kenya

Cyber cafés is highly demanded by millions of Kenyans especially with the advancement of technology. Kenya is working towards growing its ICT sector as provided for in vision 2030. The ICT sector is an integral part in growing the Kenyan economy. 

Ornament Making As A Business Venture In Kenya

Ornament making in Kenya has grown significantly over the last five years. Ornament making is a source of livelihood for many Kenyans especially the youth. There is a range of ornaments that one can make from bangles, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. The designs vary depending with the materials and the clients you intend to sell the ornaments. There are a number of reasons why ornament making is an important business venture.

Google Plus And Your Small Business

Google Plus had not been around for long before many critics announced it a failure, but they might have spoken too soon. Google’s social networking platform continues to add users, and has surpassed Twitter as the second most popular social networking service to Facebook, according to Business Insider. Google Plus is proving especially valuable to small businesses, quickly becoming a must have for the savvy small business owner.

The Importance of Research in Business

Conducting research is vital in the field of business for both fledging companies and industry veterans alike. No matter if you're starting out in Kenya or expanding to the Far East, it makes sense to look into your corner of the market at your direct competitors.
Researching your competitors can also help you make important business decisions such as entering into a partnership. Here are just a few of the reasons why it's good to brush up on your research skills in business, as well as some tips on how to do so.


Many people are skeptical about starting business owing to the numerous challenges associated with entrepreneurship. First many people believe that starting a business requires huge capital investment. This notion is not entirely true. An entrepreneur could invest the little capital he has at his disposal and grow it gradually. The second reason is the dynamic nature of the business environment. Rapid changes make starting a business an unattractive venture. There are a few simple steps that aspiring entrepreneurs can use to start a business

Characterizing Risk and Return

1.      Definition of risk
The returns of an asset can either be measured as either actual or expected. When the expected return varies from the actual return, a deviation occurs. Therefore, we can define risk as the potential variability between the actual and expected return (Cornett et al, 200).

Portfolio Risk Management Analysis

Portfolio analysis studies the performance of different portfolios under different circumstances (Reilly & Brown 2011).Portfolios can be grouped according to industries, countries or sector. Each group consists of sub-unit. For example, the financial sector can be made up of several banks or the Airline industry can be made up of several airline companies. 

ICT for Business

Today, Information communication and technologies (ICT) and business are interwoven (Lindgren 2011). Empirical studies carried out in 56 developing countries indicate that organizations that use ICT expand grow faster, invest more and are more profitable compared to those which do not use ICT. ICT plays a vital role in the economic growth and poverty eradication (Pilat 2003).

How To Create A Prosperous Blog | Sucessful Blogging Tips

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Blog | Creating a blog involves learning what a blog means, getting the right topic for your blog because keywords play a significant role in developing a successful weblog, creating a business plan for your intended blog, making financial decisions if you are serious in investing in the world of blogging. 
Before you start a blog, I want you to understand its not a walk in the park to make any meaningful living from blogging activities, there is need for consistence production of quality content, keep you audience interested on what you write. Patience is required before you call yourself a successful blogger. 


Carlos Slim Helu is the richest person in the world 2013. Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican business magnate and philanthropist who has been the world’s richest man as of 2011. He is 73 yrs old having been born on the 28th of January 1940. 


Warren Edward Buffett is the world’s third richest person in 2013. Warren Edward Buffett was born in the year 1930 on the 30th of August; he is thus 83 years old now. Warren is an American business tycoon, philanthropist and investor. 

Who is Bill Gates? Net Worth

BILL GATES and His Net Worth
William Henry "Bill" Gates III is 58yrs old now as he was born on the October 28th 1955. Gates is an American business entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and investor. Gates is the current chairman and former CEO of Microsoft, (a software company that he founded with Paul Allen). 

Tips To Make The Right Franchise Decision

Have you ever dream of being your own boss? There are ways to be one, only if you knew the secrets. Across the nation, people now own franchises of their own, because they know it’s worth the deal. You make the money you want, earn the reputation you need and manifest the dream of being the king of your own castle as well.