What You Should Know About Competitors

If you are determined to beat your competitors, you must understand them. Understanding competitors will help you strategize on how to beat them. I will highlight the things you need to know about competitors to beat them in their game.

Porter Five Model: Assessing Market Attractiveness

How do you decide on what industry to venture in? What factors do you look at when starting business operation? The first think an investor or entrepreneur must do is to assess the attractiveness of the market. Markets factors render the market either attractive or unattractive. The porters five model is the framework that is used to assess the attractiveness of markets.

Use of Technology by Kenyan Businesses

Kenyan businesses can employ technology in various departments. Whether a business is small or large, it uses technology in one way or the other. To enhance competitiveness, many businesses have adopted the use of technology in the execution of operations. I will highlight a few fundamental roles played by technology in business.

Reasons To Get Life Insurance

If you though that life insurance is a luxury you cannot afford, think again. Having a life insurance cover is very important. Life insurance ensures that your beneficiaries are left in a financial stable manner once you are gone.  I will offer you reasons why you must purchase a life insurance cover.

Qualities Of Effective Managers

Managers play crucial roles in ensuring that organizational activities are run smoothly. Managers ensure that efforts from employees are harmonized to achieve organizational goals. This is done through the coordination of efforts and effective leadership.

Tips To Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Many of us make financial goals but sticking to the goals is a huge challenge. We all have different financial goals depending with our needs and capabilities. The reason as why most of us do not accomplish our financial goals is the fact that we deficient of financial discipline.

Orient Commercial Bank Kenya

Orient bank began its operation in 2002 and slowly but steadily established itself as an institution to reckon with. The bank awards of Kenya recognized the banks as one of the best recovery banks in the country.

Dyer & Blair Investment Bank

Dyer & Blair offers the most effective investment banking solution since its establishment in 1954. They are one stop shop for all your investment needs. Being one of the founding members of the NSE the bank has over 50 years experience in investment banking. The bank’s main target market is the top tier in the society.

Investment and Mortgages Bank limited (I&M Bank)

I&M was established in 1974 and started operations as a community financial institution. The bank was later transformed into a commercial bank. The bank has become a dominant market player through the introduction of innovative services and products. The bank has 20 branches and ATM that ensure clients can conveniently access banking services

Imperial Bank Kenya

At its inception in 1992 Imperial bank was a securities company. The securities company was then converted into a commercial bank in 1996. For the 20 years, the bank has been in operation it has achieved tremendous growth.

Paramount Bank Kenya

In 1993 when the institution was established, it was a non banking financial institution until 1995 when it became a banking institution. The bank merged with Universal bank to for a strong financial institution. Other the conventional banking products, the bank has developed a Diaspora banking product. 

Tips For Successful Investment

We all marvel at how some of richest people came to build their empires. From Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega and Carlos Slim are a few of the world’s richest people. These people are not geniuses they simply are aggressive in realizing their ambitions. There are certain qualities that a successful investor must possess. 

Bank of Baroda Kenya

Bank of Baroda is a prominent bank in Kenya whose origin is India. The bank has over 10 branches in the country most of which are located in Nairobi. Some of the factors working in favor of the bank include having a good public image. The bank offers corporate, business and personal banking services. 

Investment Opportunities In The Fisheries Sector India

India is one of the world’s largest fish producers. Fish production has a great contribution to the economy of India. The fishing sector has provided numerous employment opportunities to millions of people and a foreign exchange earner. With the advancement of fishing technology, the fishing industry has grown tremendously. I will discuss a few investment opportunities in the fisheries sector of India that investors can take advantage of.

Kiosk Business

Kiosks are structures that used to sell certain types of goods especially in areas with heavy traffic, malls, bus stops, train station and subways.  Basically, kiosks are found in a strategic area where customers can get essential items such as street corners. 

Kale (Sukuma Wiki) Businesses in Kenya

Kales are one of Kenya’s most demanded green vegetables especially due to their nutritional value. The Kales business is extremely vibrant both in urban areas and rural areas. Selling Kales is very easy and offers you an opportunity to make a decent living. I will provide tips on how to succeed in the Kales business.


Apart from eggs being a rich source of proteins, they can earn you some good cash. There is a huge demand for across the country. The egg business is really easy to begin and operate whose returns are high. If you are interested in venturing into the egg selling business here are some tips to succeed.

Mombasa County Business Opportunities

Mombasa County located at the coast is a particularly promising county. The county is comprised of six constituencies Jomvu, Mvita Kwale, Kisauni, Changamwe, Nyali and Likoni. The county’s population is estimated at 939,370 persons as per the census of 2009.

Nyeri County Investment Opportunities

Nyeri County is located in the central province at the foothills of Aberdare. Nyeri is covered with thick eucalyptus forest with a wonderful view of Mt. Kenya. The economy is this county is primarily agriculture due to the presence of fertile soils.

Nairobi County Business Opportunities

Nairobi County is not only Kenya leading economic hub but also the capital city. I will highlight the sectors that drive the economy of Nairobi County.

Kisumu County Investment Opportunities

Kisumu County is located by the shores Lake Victoria and is considered the gateway to East Africa’s land locked countries. Kisumu has great potential to be an economic hub in Kenya. I will highlight a few investment opportunities that need to be exploited in this region.

Nakuru County Business Opportunities

Nakuru County has numerous natural resources that have been exploited to grow the economy. The establishment of numerous universities and colleges has greatly contributed to the growth of this county. Students offer a wide market for various businesses especially residential places. I will highlight a few economic drivers in Nakuru County.

Investment Opportunities In The Education Sector India

The Indian government has prioritized education as a vital ingredient towards building the nation. The government has tailored its curriculum to cater for all sectors that are crucial for the growth of the economy. 


India is richly endowed with different kinds of mineral resources. The exploration of these minerals has contributed immensely in the economic growth of India. Other than contributing to the GDP, the mining industry has created thousands of jobs.

Consolidated Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Consolidated bank has been in operation since 1989. The bank was established in an effort to stabilize the country’s financial sector. The government owns the majority share of the bank at 51%.

Guardian Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches

Formed in 1992, Guardian bank was founded by Chandaria one of Kenya’s wealthiest families. Although the bank has only 8 branches, it has recorded total deposits amounting to 10.47 billion shillings during the first quarter of 2013.

Chase Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Chase bank target market is the vibrant SME sector and the middle class.  The bank has developed unique banking programs to give clients one stop solutions. With over 27 branches and about 300 agents across Kenya, the bank has been able to attract a wide clientele.

Fina Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Fina Bank was previously known as Finance International Limited and was established in 1986. The name later changed to The Finance Institution of Africa (FINA) and was operating as a non banking financial institution. 

Bank of Africa - Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Bank of Africa is an African bank whose operation in Kenya commenced in 2004. With less than a decade in operation, the bank has managed to establish over 20 branches across the country. 

Prime Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches

Prime bank began its operations in 1992 and has enjoyed steady growth. The bank was in 2010 awarded one of Kenya’s fastest growing banks. Prime bank is among the few banks that have broken away from traditional banking to introduce Islamic banking. 

Investment Opportunities In The Manufacturing Sector Kenya

The manufacturing sector is one of the largest sectors in Kenya. There are limitless natural resources in Kenya hence the many manufacturing plants. Both domestic and foreign investors have ventured into the manufacturing business. 

Investment Opportunities In The Energy Sector Of Kenya

Despite the government’s attempts to distribute power across the country, the demand is way below the supply. The private sector has been encouraged to join the energy sector to attempt to eradicate the insufficiencies. 

Investment Opportunities In The Tourism Sector Of Kenya

Tourism is one of Kenya leading revenue earners. Kenya has numerous magnificent tourist attractions from sandy beaches, game parks and reserves, beautiful mountains, amazing cultures and lakes. The government is seeking to identify investors to aid in the expansion of the tourism infrastructure. I will discuss a few investment opportunities available in the tourism sector.


Organizing a wedding can be really cumbersome and time consuming. People prefer to pay wedding planners to have them organize their wedding. Wedding planner has the skills and expertise to organize a successful wedding.

Investment Opportunities In The Energy And Transport Sector In India

The government of India is seeking to attract investors in invest in expanding its infrastructure. India is targeting investor for its energy, transport and technology sectors. The expansion of Indian infrastructure will lead the country towards economic prosperity. 

Bartender Business For The Unemployed

Many people may think that being a bartender is an indecent job but I think people have to do what they have to put food on the table. We cannot afford to judge bartender, yet we want to get served every time we go to a bar. 

The Role Of Vision 2030 In Kenya

Vision 2030 contains numerous development programs aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans. The vision was developed in the year 2008 whose complete implementation is anticipated in 2030.

Reasons To Invest In Kenya

There are a number of reasons that have made Kenya an investment destination. Kenya in the last decade has attracted both domestic and foreign investment. The increased level of investment has increased the country’s GDP, increased levels of employed and improved people’s living standards. 

Use Your Talent To Make Money

Use your talent to make money. Talents today pay really well. If you have completed your education and have not succeeded in landing a job, you might think of exploiting your talent. Every person is endowed with a different talent, and it is important that you identify your talent.

Garbage Collection As An Opportunity For The Unemployed

I know you are thinking garbage collection is a dirty job, and it is something you cannot do. Well, you are unemployed, and you cannot afford to be picky with jobs. Although this job involves collecting dirt, you can do it and earn yourself some money.

National Industrial Credit Bank (NIC) Careers, Contacts, Braches

NIC is one of Kenya’s leading medium sized lenders. The bank commands a 4.3% market share with an asset value worth 101 billion shillings. The bank has concentrated on strengthening its market share by targeting the middle class who offer the largest market for baking products. 

Citibank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches

Citibank is one of Kenya fast growing banks. During its introduction in Kenya, the bank’s target class was the top tier in the society. With the cumulative strength of the middle class, the bank introduces products to cater for lower tiers in society. 

African Banking Corporation (ABC) Careers, Contacts, Branches

Established in 1984, ABC Bank has gained popularity especially with the introduction of innovative investment solutions. The bank has numerous market niches to enable it address the need of its clients more effectively.

Do Assignments For Students At A Commission

In today's society, many students prefer not to do their assignments. Students prefer to have other people do it for them. Some students do not have time to do the assignments while other students just do not trust themselves. 

Opportunities In The Livestock Sector USA

Livestock farming has been practiced in USA for centuries. The sectors keep getting better as a result of the introduction of new technology. Technology has made it easy to practice livestock farming in the US. 

Investment Opportunities In The Building And Construction Industry In USA

The building and construction industry are one of the industries that have greatly suffered during the economic recession. This industry is slowly recovering with the improvement and strengthening of the economy. 
The construction industry has numerous investment opportunities that can be beneficial to those who take up the challenge. Some of the lucrative investment opportunities in this industry are discussed below.

The Role Of Cooperatives In The US

Cooperatives are organizations owned and operated for purposes of benefiting members of the cooperation. The gains realized by cooperatives are shared among members. Cooperatives have been in existence in the US for centuries.

Business Daily

Business daily is a leading business newspaper owned by the Nation Media Group. The paper is both available as a print and on online platform. 

Baking Cakes For The Unemployed

Many unemployed youth and women have taken up cake baking as a way of making some income. Cakes are demand for many occasions, and this presents you with a potential market. Cake baking is really simple all you need is to have interest and practice.

Newspaper Delivery Business For The Unemployed

Newspapers are a rich source of current information. Newspapers contain a wide range of information from local news, international news, politics, sports, advertisements, influential opinions and business.

Bar Business In Kenya

The bar business in Kenya is booming despite the stern government legislation against bars. Many people go to bars after work or other activities to unwind. Many people find bars a good way to catch up with their friends.

Selling Ladies Wear From House To House

One of the reason people are scared of starting a business is the rent charged on business premises. High rental charges can kill your dream of setting up a successful business. If you lack the capacity to raise rental capital, you can be a mobile business operator.

Salon Businesses In Kenya

The salon business is the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry. A good hairdo accentuates a woman’s beauty and women love to look good. Regardless of the social status all women enquire the services of a salon.

Baby Sitting As A Source Of Income For The Unemployed

Many people are unemployed because they are interested in white collar jobs. We need to change our mindset and embrace blue collar jobs. These jobs may not pay a fortune, but it will give some cash to cater for your basic necessities. 

Baby Sitting A Dog As Opportunity For The Unemployed

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and this is probably the reason why they are given so much attention. Some people take care of their dogs as though they were kids. Some dog owners treat their dogs with so much love and attention. 

Freelance Writing A Source Of Income For The Unemployed

The online world presents numerous opportunities to make an income. Among the numerous ways of making money, online is freelance writing. With freelance writing, you can make money from the comfort of your home. 

Online Surveys

With the great advancements that have been made in technology, many surveys today are carried out online. Many companies seek the opinion of consumers through carrying out surveys. These surveys contain a questionnaire with questions regarding the company.

Computer Repair Businesses In Kenya

Many computer users lack the ability to diagnose problems they experience on their machines. This makes them seek the services of computer repair experts. Many Kenyans use second hand computers

These computers are prone to malfunctions since they are old. This, therefore, makes it paramount to have a computer repair services. This business is growing fast especially in urban areas. If you are interested in this business here, are tips that you will find useful.