Internet Should Be Free

The Internet can be utilized to enable nation undergo numerous transformations. The internet ensures the spread of information across the globe. Nations can utilize the internet to achieve the development. 

How Do Make Money

OLX makes money through Google Adsense pay per click network. Olx has good traffic (the number of people visiting the website) and it is through the huge traffic that the company is able to make money from Google. I have been asked this question countless times and I thought it could be better if I provide that answer here on our website. is the leading free classifieds website in Kenya and most guys don't know how this company makes money online because they post ads for free and make deals for free on the website that spends millions to advertise on TV.

UVOCORP Discriminates Kenyan Writers in their Application Process

UVOCORP, a onetime leading online company in providing freelance writing jobs has put in place policies that do not favor Kenyan writers in anyway. In 2010, 2011 and partly 2012, UVOCORP was a darling online writing company for Kenyans because of their good payment rates, timely payment, good support team and availability of many orders.

PesaPal | Ticketsasa - Make Online Payments in Kenya

PesaPal is a mobile payment solution that seeks to offer Kenyans the e-commerce experience.  The Kenyan society predominantly transacts using cash or cheques. PesaPal is however seeking to change this trend by transforming Kenya to a society that makes virtual transactions. The founder of PesaPal Loko Agosto identified that the larger percent of Kenyans do not own credit cards or debit cards and therefore cannot shop online. 


YuCash is a revolutionary money transfer service provider that is seeking to transform the lives of Kenyans by offering high quality services. Mobile money transfer services offered in Kenya have to a great extent transformed social economic development in Kenya and the financial sector at large.

Airtel Money

Airtel Money is a mobile money transfer service offered by one of the leading mobile network providers Airtel. The customer base of Airtel is steadily growing owing to the innovative products the company offers. Is The Leading Business Site in Kenya

Over the last one year, I started a venture that would see me become the best business information provider in Kenya. As the saying goes, figures don't lie. Below are the statistics of this website for the last one year

10 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya without a College Degree

This is a List of 10 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya without a College Degree.  While in school, most of us aspired to get a degree and a well-paying job that would sustain them and their families. However, some of us are not that lucky because we cannot afford a university degree may be because of insufficient funds, family issues or just unwillingness to pursue higher education.

Creative Business Ideas in Kenya

A creative business idea is starting a venture that is totally creative even if its not entirely new to your target group - for instance - starting a barber shop targetting children only and ensuring it has what would keep the children busy as you milk money from their parents.

New Business Ideas in Kenya | Online Investments

We need to explore the latest new business ideas in Kenya that guys can invest their money and time and make 'abnormal' profits within a short period of time. The ideas am thinking of exploring would cater for all investors - from small business owners to large scale investors. | Academic Writing Jobs | Academic Writing Jobs - is hiring professional academic writers to work as freelancers in their company. Among the many essay writing companies offering jobs mainly to ESL (English as Second Language), has no comparison in terms of available orders a freelancer can access (this fact could changed).

The Importance Of Having Numerous Saving Accounts

Different banks offer unique banking products. This diversity makes it necessary to have different accounts with different banks. It is essential to research on the banks that best represent your interest before opening an account. There are a number of reasons why you hold accounts with various banks.


Many university students complain that their allowances cannot sufficiently cater for their needs. Quit complaining and do something to change your state of affairs. Here are a few ideas that you could use.

Business Start-Up Financing

Start-up capital is the greatest challenge for many entrepreneurs. Many people do not have an idea of what their financing options are. It is important to know that there are many institutions that are willing to help you actualize your dreams.

Personal Budgeting Tips

The reason you are always broke is the fact that you do not have a budget. Having a budget will help you make informed financial decisions and help you trail where you spend your money. Sticking to the budget can be an uphill task, buts you must adhere to it to realize your goals. Below are budgeting tips that will help you obtain control over your finances.

The Importance Of Market Research

Before you venture into business, it is important to understand its viability. Whether you are a company or a small business, market research is crucial. Market research is the analysis of the feasibility of new businesses, products and services. When undertaking market research, you analyze information regarding competitors, market situation and consumers. The research helps you gain more knowledge regarding the business you intend to establish.

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Take Control of Personal Debt

A great number of people, at least half of the population of Great Britain to be exact, are fearful of ending up in insurmountable debt. Wages are low, many workers have had their hours cut and prices keep soaring to new levels. In recent years, most of the population have barely been able to keep up with the cost of living let alone trying to pay monthly repayments on loans and cash advances.

What is Payoneer | Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Payoneer was born in the year 2005 and has continued to offer its clients quality online payment solutions. The company has grown to be leading global payment company. Payoneer is ranked one of the fastest growing companies in 2012 by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500.

What is Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill offers digital money transfer services across the world since its inception in 2001. During its inception, the company was known as Moneybookers. The company offers online solutions by helping their clients make payments and receive money.

What is PayPal

PayPal was born as a merger between and Confinity in the year 2000. The two companies offered payment services through email. To date PayPal has 232 million accounts in all the countries it operates. PayPal is an e-commerce payment option that is widely used across the world.  PayPal allows clients to transfer money and make payments online. Online money transfer options have revolutionized money transactions across the world.

Money Gram International

MoneyGram’s history dates back to 1940. The company was initially branded Travelers Express located in Minneapolis, Min. Travelers Express expanded and rebranded to MoneyGram International and has since grown to be a leading global money transfer service provider. The company offers an array of services and products to millions of people across the world.

Western Union

Western Union has transformed millions of lives for over 160 years. At is foundation in 1851 Western Union was known as New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegram Company. The company has promoted economic growth by bridging the gaps in the financial sector. The bank has made numerous strides through innovation to emerge as a leading money transfer service provider.


MasterCard is one of the world’s leading payment companies. Founded in 1966 as Interbank Card Association, MasterCard has transformed commerce through its innovative products and payment solutions. The company was renamed Masters Charge in 1969 and the MasterCard in 1979. MasterCard’s clients have continued to reap huge benefits from the company.


Visa has since its inception pioneered the development and growth of industries across the world. This has been achieved through the creation of innovative payment platforms that have become the heart of commerce. Other than facilitating online payment, Visa allows for secure and swift transfer of information among businesses, governments, individuals and financial institutions.