Best Internet Marketing in Kenya | 10 Strategies That Work

The article focuses on Increasing Your Brand Visibility Online – Free Tips. The post will help Companies, Internet Marketers, Bloggers and anyone who wants to get more clients from the online communities in Kenya. Every business person wants to see their business thrive in a competitive environment. For this reason, they invest in different marketing strategies to promote their products to the target audience. The internet is one destination that cannot be ignored by any businessperson.

The best internet marketing in Kenya strategies have brought change in the advertising world, and agencies are coming up with new ways of branding their clients products online. There are many misconceptions about online marketing strategies, and it is because of this reason I have decided to write this exclusive article. Most people have been giving me different views on running their ads on the internet because they have been given the wrong information, or simply they did have knowledge of what is the best strategy to use online.

Are the internet marketers in Kenya misleading clients? Or do they lack knowledge of the best practices to use? Why do you run ads for a customer if you are very green in the online advertising world? Why place someone’s ad on a website that has zero visitors simply because it’s you friend or it was mentioned somewhere as the best site? Whether a website has a good design or got votes as the best anywhere online that cannot be used to promote clients products online. That’s stealing from clients, and that is what is giving people wrong perception about online advertising.

What Companies Need For Internet Marketing

1. Website and Blog

Companies have physical offices and locations; this is where your clients get their goods/services or where a delegation of duties occur. When it comes to the Internet circles, you need a registered office, where online consumers would buy your goods/services, leave messages and get feedback without any physical contact. A website must have a registered domain like; this is your company’s name. You need a website hosting – this is where your website domain resides – like the physical location. Read what is a blog and how to run a successful blog.

You need to hire web designers to develop the website for you. Since your site would be static, you will need a blog for your site - read this article on what a blog entails, I also recommend you read about taking your business online. In the blog, it's where you will update anything new about you company, provide product reviews and so on.

2. Social Media Accounts

Before you embark on any major online campaign or think of hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) expert, you need to have the major five social accounts up and running. They include Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn Company Page, Google Page and Local Listing of Google, Twitter and Pinterest Account.

Having the above two categories in place, you are ready for your internet marketing in Kenya, either by yourself, a member of your staff, hiring an internet market or considering MBT as your marketing destination. Now, let’s look at the right marketing strategies on the internet as per their significance and importance.

Essential Internet Marketing in Kenya Strategies to use to Promote Your Products

1. Content Marketing Is By Far The Best

First, before I analyze this strategy, am looking at both the long term gains and short term gains of either the advertising model. And yes, content marketing is the Number one online tool to use on the internet. And why exactly am I saying that this is the number one method? Using the Alexa Rank metrics – and I do not want the noise that their metrics is not consistent – I already know that – ranks No. 1 in Kenya, YouTube No 3 and ranks No. 5. The three searches engines, this means Kenyans consume more content that you can imagine. In fact, when a company advertises on TV or Print media, Kenyans will use Google to search their reviews and more information about the product.

And using the same metrics, all the leading sites in Kenya, get most of their traffic from Google and social media, a reason to continue reading more about content marketing in this article. The study has also shown that products reviewed on blogs get more attention than goods that have not featured on any website or blog. There are several ways of content marketing that you can use to promote your products online – especially for long-term gains.

These methods include blog content, video marketing, reviews, file sharing, and guest blogging on authority blogs. Blog content is in the form of articles, images, and infographics – they say an image speaks 1,000 words, and I say an infographic speaks a million words. Remember when listing what you require for internet advertising success? I said you needed a blog and these articles you write or hire someone to write you will publish on that blog.

For better performance on search engines such as Google, I advise you write articles of over 800 words. Like this article you are reading, it is over 2000 words and do not overuse your target keywords – a keyword is a particular word you want people to learn about when you publish your content. After writing and publishing your articles, interlink them using your target keywords and share them on your social networks.  It might take some time for the materials to be picked up by search engines but once they start appearing in search results – this is a long term investment you have made in your business. You will also use the blog to interact with your customers.

Let’s look at video marketing as part of your content marketing strategy, as shown above, YouTube is the third most visited website in Kenya and world’s second largest search engine. You create videos related to your niche and upload them on YouTube, share with your networks and customers to flock to your business. There is another video sharing forum called Vimeo – for Vimeo, you share videos after paying and those videos appear on search results better than the YouTube videos.

Reviews and Guest Blogging
Before you think of doing a  review or guest blogging – KINDLY – examine the statistics of the website online. Use and to get an overview of how the website ranks – do not allow yourself to be a fool, get the right information. Some of these statistics might be inaccurate, but since you are reviewing all the sites using the same measure, the statistics become accurate.

For instance, an excellent website in Kenya should have its rank below 700, this means that its getting ton of visitors every day. You can have your products reviewed on a site and get a link back to your original site, and this is the same case for guest blogging. Here at, our sponsored reviews start at 5,000/= per review, and we have free guest posts provided they meet all the requirements on our website. To contribute to our site, send us a message on our Facebook page.

The last part of content marketing that we are highlighting is the file sharing. There are several online resources you can use to share your files either in the PDF format or PowerPoint slides. For PDF files, you can use and to share your business content and use to share your slides.

To achieve the success of content marketing, you adhere to the following, share the right content and do not misuse keywords. Share on social media, leave behind Comments and reply to comments, interlink your files, articles, do not write questionable content, write for your audience and not search engines.

2. Banner Advertising (Again, Remember to Check The Websites Rankings)

There are two methods you can use to promote your products in the Internet using the banner advertising methods. You can decide to buy ad space directly from websites giving this option, and I highly recommend this option. Use third party methods such as Google Adwords through Google Adsense to serve your banner across their network.

Banner advertising is an effective online marketing strategy that you can use to increase your business sales. We rank this as the second best internet marketing in Kenya strategy to use for your business.

3. Search Engine Marketing Strategies

A search engine is a website tool that helps you discover content online through web pages – refer to content marketing. Search engines include Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, Ask among others. There are several search engine marketing strategies that you should use and I only recommend Search ads and Search engine optimization. Each of the search engines, provide its ads such that when someone searches a particular product using a specific keyword – your ad will appear beside the search results. We have Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, and if you are not familiar with this options, you need to hire someone to help you reach the right audience.

The second search engine marketing strategy to use is the search engine marketing commonly referred to as SEO (search engine optimization). For SEO to work better for your company or web business, you need to adhere to the instructions give above on blog content. SEO means optimizing your website pages, blog content in a way that search engines will find it when people look for information on the internet. In this instance, you have no option but to hire an expert in SEO. We have so many SEO companies in Kenya and what you need is to search for the in the Internet using your preferred search engine.

SEO includes the on page optimization and the off page optimization. The on page is a technical part of SEO and requires an expert to carry out the process for – but this is mainly done by your website developers. It involves having the right heading tags, a good source cord, Sitemap creation and submission to search engines. Deep linking, proper use of anchor text – here is an example of an appropriate use of the anchor text method for deep linking – learn about the SEO services you can provide in Kenya.  The link connects an article I wrote about “SEO services in Kenya,” see the text of the link is different from the article title.

The off page optimization includes link building such as creating a link wheel, article prism, and social bookmarking.  Social sharing, guest blogging, press distribution, article submission, directory submission, blog commenting and online reviews are other methods.

4. Social Media Marketing Strategies

I know most of you thought that I will place this strategy as the number one method to use in Kenya, but to your surprise, I rank this way No. 4.  You can trust my analysis in the link I provided above. I linked you to leading websites in Kenya and most of them get traffic organically from search engines that require the application of the three methods above. I will talk about two ways here Google Page/Local Listing and Facebook, but remember to create a Twitter profile for your company, ensure your are listed on the LinkedIn network and get verified on Pinterest.

a) Google Page and Local Listing

Google page is a must service for your business, because of the power given to Local listing on Google pages by the giant search engine. And for your information, Google is here to stay, and it is not likely to lose its market share anytime soon – hence the reason to comply with what it requires in ranking your business website. You need to have a Gmail account and create a Google Page from the google plus of your profile. Once you create the page – same way you do for Facebook, you connect it to YouTube, Your website, and its rankings improve on Google search results.

b) Facebook Marketing Strategies

Almost all the companies and brands in Kenya are using Facebook to promote their products online and reach over 3million Facebook users in Kenya. Using Facebook to market your products is very tricky; this is because Mark and his team want to make more money from you. Now, this is the funniest part of Mark’s team; you pay to get likes.  For you to share something and been seen by your fans, you need to pay again, does this make sense?

That’s why Facebook introduced the promote posts option now calling it boost posts – just to milk you more money. Just to give you some statistics, when you share a link without content to your likes of the page only 0.3% will see your post.  If you include some texts to the link 3% will see the post and if your share like 150 words without any connection, around 16% of your fans will see your post. For more people who like your brand to see what you post, you must boost that post even if you paid  to the get likes

5. Google Adwords Links

Using Google Adwords links is another way to market your business online. For instance, in, you can place your links to appear after ads in a certain category. You can also buy direct links from interested bloggers.

6. Email Marketing

Most Kenyans still use their emails to get valuable information, and this is another reason that makes Google and Yahoo top websites because most people use Gmail and Yahoo mail for online communication purposes

Among the many internet marketing in Kenya strategies, for now, let me give you a chance to conceptualize the above methods before we analyze others ways for getting your business online.


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