4 Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya Fast

Graduates need to find the best 4 ways to make money online in Kenya fast by exploring our website for details on how to succeed online. This is part 2 of scam free ways to make money online recommended by experts and this second tutorial recommends you get a blog of your own though you can still make it without a blog. We recommend getting a blog at Bluehost – A WordPress Hosting Plan – the best in the market and it only takes 5-10 minutes to have your blog running which comes with a free domain.

Before we get into the depth of the tutorial we also recommend the following
  1. How to Create a Prosperous Blog
  2. What is a Blog  – you can ignore this if you have read about blogs
Here at mybusinesstricks.com, we are providing unmatched content on the best ways to make money online in Kenya from the comfort of your living room or topping it up as a part time job. The feedback from our first tutorial was overwhelming and we have decided to run a 10 series on generating wealth online.
Our tutorials also target to create job opportunities online for the many graduates who are yet to secure jobs in the ‘formal’ world instead of them spending days and nights complaining of how the government has sidelined them – make money online in Kenya is their solution to their problems
Let’s look at the following ways to make money online in Kenya
1.   Offering SEO Services At A Fee
The word SEO stands for search engine optimization. This process involves letting search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube rank a website in its top search results when people look for information online.
There are technical parts of SEO but am discussing this method putting into consideration that creating your own Facebook account or designing anything for that matter is a nightmare for you. I will give you the simplest SEO ways you can use to make money online in Kenya. The services can include:
a) Offer article writing services – most webmasters submit articles in different forums, article directories, and other websites/blogs in order for them to get back-links to their websites. Most of them look for writers online either from freelancer.com, oDesk.com or even those who are providing the services from their blogs – and this is why I said at the begging of this tutorial that I recommend you get your own website/blog in 5 minutes  CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM
You can make $10-$30 per article depending on your skills, webmaster – this is pretty good money. You can be submitting the articles for free on article directories.
b)      Comment services – you can offer to comment on behalf of webmasters on other websites for them to get links to their websites. If you offer to do this service, remember that you cannot spam other people’s websites and succeed in this business. With over 500 million websites across the globe, you can’t go wrong in this business.
c)      Social Bookmarkingservices – this includes submitting a website to social bookmarking networks such as Digg, StumpleUpon, Tagza, reddit, and many others for webmasters at a fee – you can do this from other websites such as freelancer.com but we highly recommend you get your own blog – it would cost less than 10k at Godaddy Hosting if You have not tried Bluehost
To learn more about these – click this article SEO Services in Kenya
2. Affiliate Marketing Service – Promote Other Peoples Products 
Affiliate marketing is another great way of making money online in Kenya fast from the comfort of your living room. What exactly is affiliate marketing? This is selling other people’s/companies’ products for a commission. In the online circle, affiliate marketing is the most admired way to make money fast and as is in the case of SEO services – we recommend getting your own blog and marketing products on your own platform.
You need to find products being sold online using affiliate marketing, and apply to become an affiliate. Once you become an affiliate and promote that product on your networks, every sale you get a commission. This is how affiliate marketing works. I have listed affiliate marketers as some of the best paid guys without college education.
3. Offer Consultation Services Online This is another great way for fresh graduates – or ‘old’ to make money online in Kenya. Every field requires a specialist and you can transfer all these services online as many people are embracing the online world. In fact, Kenya has more than 10million internet users and most of them are looking for information online given the fact that google.com is the leading site and not facebook.com. This is an indication that people are looking for solutions online – be part of the team that provides these solutions.
Online consultation services include and not limited website creation/development, law, insurance, banking, Masters/PhD thesis/dissertations, health (mental, divorce, relationships – remember most guys don’t know how to approach girls – be of help online).
However, for your services to be effective online you need to sign here for Bluehost Services to get your website/blog running in less than 10 minutes.
4. Creating and Selling WordPress Themes and Website Templates Online This is the last way of making money online in Kenya fast for this second tutorial – remember we are doing a 10 series for this topic – remember to sign up and like us on Facebook for more updates. Creating WordPress themes and website templates are another great way of making quick cash online for fresh graduates. There are various avenues you can promote your themes and templates online but again we recommend getting your own website/blog – it is very cheap to get one.
You can create a theme by developing the already creating themes online and make few enhanced and promote it as your own  and this is acceptable – for this to be realized, you will need to learn about PHP and HTML languages/codes applications – not hard if you read our website often.
4 Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya Fast | You can suggest an area you would like us to cover in the next tutorial on making money online in Kenya fast from the comfort of your living room


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