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The article covers the definition of online business in Kenya as understood by Kenyans, the myths surrounding online investments and taking your business online. Remember you can hire me to guide you through every process of understanding the Internet world regarding investments.
I have decided to write this article after realizing that 90% of Kenyans using social media do not know the difference between having an online business and taking your business online.

start an online business in Kenya today

It is an eye opener article for everyone who wants to start an online business in Kenya, do business online, selling products online and make money online because the article explores different available opportunities in Kenya.
What Is Online Business in Kenya?
When most people hear about online business, they think it’s simply the extension of the physical stores to the online world. It is one mindset about online business, and it's very correct. The other school of thought of business minded people is that online creates an entirely different environment for starting new ventures and this is the other mindset and perfectly in order.
The third mindset about online business – and the last one in this analysis – is the thinking of transacting business online without participating in any way in developing the online activities.  For instance, you have some products in your house, and you need to dispose of them, you can post your ads here for free, and you will get customers to buy your products through the online world connections.
So what exactly is an online business in Kenya? It is the kind or type of businesses in Kenya operated and transacted online through the use of the Internet and information systems deliver different services to Kenyans. It is through the provision of digital content, online services among other related businesses.
Start an Online Business In Kenya
Starting an online business where you make your profits purely online is the most advantageous way of making money online through different programs. What exactly does starting an online business entail?
Last year, I covered an article about the online business ideas and the actual cost of starting the same in this post about new business ideas. You need to check the article to understand the fundamental requirements of starting an online business in Kenya.
How do you make profits online from the new business venture?  There are numerous methods in which you can use your online business to become rich – and it takes time if you follow the basic rules of doing business online.
I will mention here different ways you can use your online business to make abnormal profits within one year. First, before you start your online business, find out what suits you and your budgets – the opportunities available online are countless – do not make a rushed decision because you will regret later.
The mention of this method you can use assumes you have read the above article about new business ideas in Kenya that require your understanding of the basics of running an online business in the East African economic giant.
You can run a classified ads website in Kenya and spent few coins on marketing your website and charging people a small fee to advertise on your site. The fact that some sites are using huge chunks of money does not mean that you cannot sail in the market. It is because you will be behaving like someone who cannot start a supermarket just because some chains are operating in all major towns in Kenya.
You can provide free fatty meaningful content like mybusinesstricks.com and sell ad space on your website. Our website does not share any crap, silly stories, propaganda, and our advertisers advertise their products on our site because they got the right target audience. You can create an online payment solution in the case of your online venture and make more money than you can imagine.
I have also covered different ways of how making money online in Kenya in the following articles
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2.Learn four ways Kenyans can use to make money online even if they do not have certificates
Taking Your Business Online in Kenya
It is different from running an online business because you just want your customers to find the right information about your organization online – or only – you are changing with the changing times.
For instance, the Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA, does not ‘actually’ make profits online but most Kenyans are now embracing the internet world and getting their PIN from the cyber cafes’. It is one way of doing your business online. You just let people find the right information they want from your online office free of charge.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking your Business online in Kenya
One of the benefits of taking your business online – in this case, we are using KRA as an example, it’s that it will quicken service delivery to all Kenyans. People no longer need to go to Times Tower – the headquarters of KRA to get their PIN and this is the best thing that happened to the government institution since I was born 28 years ago.
Another advantage of taking your business online is that you can serve many people at once.  For instance, I teach guys simultaneously about making money online from the comfort of my living room and achieve the same results – this would have been a difficult task was I to teach them face to face and yet they are in different locations.
Disadvantages for taking your business on in Kenya is the fact that it will reduce paperwork, and this would result in laying off some employees from the company because their work is taken by only a few Internet gurus who would create the websites and update its applications from time to time.
Doing Business Online in Kenya Without Owning a Website | Blog
People in Kenya can still make money online even if they do not own the platforms that are used to do the businesses such as websites, blogs, and applications. As mentioned earlier, you can use platforms such as Olx to sell your products and make money from the online sources that refer customers to you.
Challenges of Online Business in Kenya
The online business in Kenya has similar difficulties experience in other sectors and which have a negative impact on someone’s businesses. For instance, it has taken me time to come up with this article, the content, the flow and someone, somewhere steals my content, publishes it on his/her website without giving credit back to me – this is a big pain. There are chances that the copyrighted content might rank higher in Google and Bing search results disadvantaging the original content – remember traffic from other sources other than search engines is not really that important though it plays a big role in promoting someone online.
Another challenge is pornography – I will not elaborate this aspect
For Kenyan bloggers, another problem is getting the companies to advertise on their websites. It is difficult because most of them believe in promoting their products online through Facebook and Google AdWords this makes it harder to do online business in Kenya. Most who use Adsense to generate income from their blogs make peanuts from the content. For instance, mybusinesstricks.com, despite the enormous traffic from search engines, makes a few pennies from Google Adsense. UPDATED - we no longer run Adsense
There are so many challenges that people face online, and I will discuss in detail in the next article
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    Thanks for the info. Hope to connect soon.