Zidisha Loans | You Only Need Your Facebook Account To Secure A Loan of 5K – 1M

Getting a loan from Kenyans banks it’s not easy, especially if you are a youth and this is the truth of the matter. For instance, most banks would require you to produce a car log book, a title deed and yet you are asking for a loan of 200K – seriously?? For guys who have been blacklisted by HELB (higher education loans board), it’s a nightmare mere to secure loans – yet its governments money and government never gave people jobs – let guys pay at their own time when they can – or where is our 2030 vision in the pillar of education – the dream of achieving free university education.

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The attitude by our banks suck and the threshold required for you to secure a loan from a Kenyan bank is meant to discourage the poor from ever achieving their dreams of financial freedom. For instance, you bank account transactions must be consistent, you must have banked with us for at least six months, we need 2-3 guarantors, your spouse must sign, we don’t fund start-ups – all these has discouraged many from realizing their goals in life.
However, I have a SOLUTION for you; forget about Equity, Family, KCB, K-rep, Jamii for now till they reconsider their requirements. There are online platforms you can use to secure a loan without a security, tedious paper work, and only your honesty, an active Facebook account with your real names and faithfulness is required. They do not have any procedure to establish your creditworthiness.
Zidisha.org loans and Kiva.org are providing alternative solutions for guys in business, and are unable to meet the threshold by our banks of securing a mere loan of 50K.
What exactly is a Zidisha Loan? This is a peer to peer loan meaning it’s given by your fellow peers in businesses who understand the challenges of starting and funding a business. This is an online based loan platform that gives people who want to lend money at a small fee meet with borrowers who want to get loans at fair interest rates.
What is required to secure a Zidisha loan? You need to have an active Facebook – this is a major requirement, provide clear details about yourself, the details would be shown to the lenders, clearly describe your business, describe how the loan would help. Is this not cool? Imagine you have not signed papers anywhere, and you are about to get your loaned approved in less than 12 hours – can things get better than this?
In case you do not have a business check this link
Business Ideas Explained Are Zidisha loans genuine? This is a good question anyone would ask before they enter into an online binding that requires them to part with their cash or get money from any online platform. Yes, Zidisha loans are genuine and I can ascertain it’s a good place for you to get the finance you want to start or fund your business.
Are there guys who have benefited from Zidisha Loans? Yes, several Kenyans have benefited from Zidisha loans since it was started in 2009. Guys have secured loans several times from the online platform and most of them have been faithful by paying the loans back. See the screen shot below. There is a lady who got a loan of 116,000/= from online without any security – what else do we want?
Zidisha Loans | You Only Need Your Facebook Account To Secure A Loan of 5K – 1M

How do I apply for Zidisha Loan and what are the Limits? I mentioned above the requirements you need into order to secure a Zidisha loan – this is not like our local banks where you have to fill so many forms, the credit officer takes your form to a committee, the committee finds you unfit to get a loan of 100K. In the case of zidisha, you need to register online through www.zidisha.org, fill all the required details, and CONNECT your Facebook account to your zidisha profile – this is the most important step in the loan application. Alternatively, you can have someone invite you, anyone who has secured a loan with Zidsha and repaid for you to get a higher credit limit.
Credit limits, if you sign up for zidisha loans without someone inviting you – your first loan will be 5K if someone who has already finished paying the loan – you start with 21K. You will advance to the next level till after 8 months when you can secure a loan of 800K. This is the best platform for Kenyans as at now you can use to secure a loan without any security. Ensure you pay back your loan in a timely manner and your next borrowing will be higher. How longer does it take for u to get the 2nd? You can request for a second loan from Zidisha immediately after clearing the first one and this should be within the first month for the first phase.
How Long Does It Take and How Will I get My Money and Is It A guarantee My loan will be funded?   This a good question and I have an answer to the question. First, it’s not a guarantee that your loan will be funded. It will depend with how best you describe yourself and your business and how you intend to use the loan – or how the loan benefits you. You can go through the profile of guys who have received loans from Zidisha to see how they described their businesses for them to secure their loans. Once your loan is approved and visible to the lenders, depending on your ‘luck’ it can take up to 6hours to get it fully funded. However, most loans can take up to 2 weeks for them to be funded – just try your luck here brother/sister. Once your loan is fully funded, you will receive your money from the Zidisha team through your Mpesa line – from the comfort of your house – and please do not destroy the good name of Kenyans – repay your loan.
How Is My Zidisha Loan Funded?
This is another fundamental question that needs answers. Somewhere in this article, I mentioned that this is a peer to peer program – aimed at helping a brother/sister make it in life of business and overcome financial constraints. What do I mean by peer to peer? For instance, A friend in business like me borrows me money to start or expand business, and am not in a position to raise what he/she needs alone, I can give him/her a percentage of what the business requires and the other amount he/she secures from other friends in business. Now because am lending money to a friend/peer, I will not charge him/her the rates of our banks – just a small interest rate like 5% – now assume we take this help in the Internet and invite more friends to join my network of lending money to their friends – now this is called Zidisha – got me??? In Zidisha.org, we have lenders from different countries that are trading their money at a small fee, they help you start a business, and you help them make a profit from a reasonable interest to you. Still confused up to now??
How DO I Repay my Zidisha Loan and Is It manageable? After getting your loan, remember your have secured this loan purely online, no banks involved except your Mpesa account. You repay your loan from your mpesa by sending to the Zidisha Paybill number. Get this number after you get your loan please. Repayment of Zidisha loans is one of the most manageable I have come across, you can reschedule how to pay, when to pay, choose your day, and when you are unable to repay within the time you specified – you are given a chance to request for extension – what else do you need?
What’s the Future for Zidisha? What about Guys Who DO Not Manner UP? The future is bright – there is hope, banks will have to restructure their loans disbursements – or whatever – new competition is in the offing – we no longer need car log books or titles deeds to secure loans to fund our businesses – this is sunrise for business guys. There are rare cases of guys failing to pay because the loans are based on trust and your Facebook account and we understand you can terminate it and just disappear – I will exclusively cover this part on my next article on Zidisha loans success
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