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New business ideas for entrepreneurs and tips to start a business can be found on this website. This website has no match in providing new business tips for start-ups and it is your one stop center for you business information.
Starting a business is not an easy task especially if you do not have a single business idea on your mind - on this page - you will find useful information to help you in starting your business

Small Business Ideas Topics and Links

This a list showing you of the business ventures Kenyans are exploring to become multimillionaires. Every idea is explained for your understanding and we would like to here you view on the comments section on what we should add - since most guys have asked what is a small business idea i refer you to read What is a small business and also this one Small Business Size Standards. 

We must strive to get the right business idea for our pockets 

This is an exclusive list that I believe can be of great help in helping you determine the best online business ideas you can start and make you a millionaire - you got to try one

This is a common small trade common in the Urban centers of third world countries such as Kenya and guys are making a kill from the venture - try your luck

 This is the most important article that you MUST read because every single business mentioned its explained in its own link - this is also the list that you must share with your friends and let them know what you are reading - there are some innovative, creative, IT, viable business ideas listed on the above article

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