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Our advertisers such as Google Adsense, or other third parties serving ads to our site, MAY use cookies (which are behold our control) to access your information when you visit our site. However, some of the third parties can give an option of opting from any ad targeting. The cookies usually help the third party to determine if you visited a given ad. It is important for us to disclose this information to you because we allow third parties commonly known as ad networks or ad servers to serve ads on our behalf. 

If you decide to disclose your information voluntarily in the comments form, the information would be viewed publicly and third parties (such as ad servers or fellow readers leaving their comments) to collect it without our prior knowledge and result in unsolicited messages. Such actions are beyond the control of and our privacy policy.
To Read More on how your information can used, you can reference from
  1. Feedburner's privacy policy at
  2. Google's privacy policy at Comment Policy
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