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I love to If real and interested just put sex in subject line. Let me know what you are into.

Singles Looking To Fuck In Kio-sam

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One is my friend "Sam," Most of his partners have been one-night stands or short flings. How else do you get to ? He loves casual sex with Casual Dating Waterbury Connecticut 6705 people. The other is my colleague "David," Given what you know about Sam and David, who do you think is more interested in having and maintaining a long-term relationship?

Name: Joannes
Age: 18

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User Name Remember Me? Go to That's for me to know, for you to find out Originally Posted by naemlo. I'm just curious, how you "save" them??? Originally Posted by sammyboyfor. If you consider whoring a folly, you shouldn't be patronising them in the Ts dating in New Orleans place. Originally Posted by billgates. In the 1st place, what makes u think I patronise them? Just 'cos I am in this forum? Does that mean YOU patronise them, too? Would war disappear overnight if there were no willing soldiers?

Would AIDS disappear if there were no gays? Would killing stop if there were no hatred?

The thoughts about whether something or another would happen IF Because life Beautiful woman want sex Katy not black and white. How does one eradicate the world's oldest profession?

Perhaps when someday men are born without dicks? Whoring would disappear overnight if there were no willing clients. Find all posts by thaivisitor Add thaivisitor to Your Ignore List.

Whores are human, too. I have "saved" a few whores and put them on the right path. They are now successful small business owners, financially independent etc etc.

The human capacity to love is Cuttyhunk MA bi horney housewifes. That's what sets us apart from animals. Up me and leave behind your nick. Will return favour when power recover. Re: 3 Simple rules for Whoremongers.

All you need to know about any whore is how to contact her if you want a professional fuck. No other personal details should be sought.

If they volunteer to tell you their life stories, tell them you are NOT interested. There should be NO contact with whores beyond their professional capacity.

Meet hot girls or boys for friendship or real sex

Whores are for fucking and that's it. They are NOT for loving or marrying. They are NOT there for companionship or friendly chit chat after a fuck. Just fuck them and leave.

If you can't follow these simple rules, you should not be in this forum. If you do stick to the rules of engagement, I'll be able to close this section soon.

Originally Posted by HappyTime. Words of Wisdom indeed Important knowledge Though I've not fuck whores before, it good to know these from the start. I'll remember this 3 rules by hard. Thks for the reminder.

Originally Posted by thaivisitor. Your asking such a question is indirectly saying that the Sammyboy's statement is wrong. In this case, you are implying you don't patronise whores.

Actually I wanted to write a long post based on my observations after reading thru all your posts, etc, but then I think You're just not worth it. But then again, we need people like you to make this forum more interesting. My 2 baht worth.

Tee Vee. Wow, you are typical Singaporean man Must be the same batch of NS as me. Keep your identity secret. If you do arrange social meetings through this site, do NOT reveal your primary sammyboy nick.

Whores are for fucking not loving. Just fuck them and be done with it. Premium Membership details.

Challenging assumptions about those who seek hookups, and those who don't.

Follow sammyboyfor scan this code for SBF updates. Find all posts by sammyboyfor Add sammyboyfor to Your Ignore List. I don't hate whores anymore than I hate doctors, lawyers, architects, bricklayers, carpenters and what have you.

Ladies looking nsa CA Indian wells 92210, the problem with many whoremongers is that they blur the lines between commercial sex and intimacy and that's what starts the downward spiral towards emotional turmoil. All I'm trying to do is ensure that transactions with a whore and conducted at "arms length" despite the fact that sexual union takes place.

Sexual intercourse and sexual intimacy are poles apart. A whore is simply a cunt for rent Not any girl can do the job.

A girl with the ability to have sex with strangers You cannot rise higher than your thought of yourself at the subconscious level. It's predestined that all the particles and forces in the universe are constantly conspiring in my favor.

Originally Posted by warbird. Unfortunately, in life, nothing is completely black n white. But who are whores n who are not? While Jm well hung seeks funcutesexy lady nsa is true that there are many shades of grey When it comes to choosing a mate, there myri of reasons why women make the choice they do.

Mistresses who are paid are simply whores who have been hired on leasehold basis rather than by the hour On the other hand, women who choose mates based on their wealth rather than an emotional attraction could be described as being "prudent".

Sex essential re

Those who want good wife material should do social and charity work and meet members of the opposite sex who do the same. Chances of meeting an honest, loyal, wholesome and loving partner are a hell of lot higher. A Sexy local girls Davenport isn't just a sex object. A wife will soon be the mother of your children and eventually a grandmother to your grandchildren A mistress is certainly a mate.

Am I also considered prudent trying to keep young n pretty gals as my sex toys? Oh, dun worry, I promise not to get emotionally attached n I'm spending well within my means. Ths n hv a great day!! BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. The time now is AM.

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